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Friday, July 12th, 2013

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Netflix.


Netflix has been very well loved in our home for the past year or so. It began when I was bedridden during pregnancy and completely bored with what I could find on cable TV. My husband and I both enjoy the selection of movies, full TV series, new releases and great documentaries. It costs us $7.99/month, we can easily login to watch Netflix from a variety of our devices and there are NO commercials to suffer through/fast forward!

Now that we have a one year old in the house, we have been using Netflix even more often. He doesn’t watch a lot of it, but when older friends are over to play we often watch a quick show of Dora or Sesame Street. I like how Netflix categories the kid’s section by character. A neat idea!


Recently, Netflix launched Netflix.com/Families. This is a great hub of the site that lists loads of great family-friendly content. It’s available to members and non-members. What I enjoy the most is that it’s broken down into sections such as ‘Are We There Yet? Great Titles To Take On Vacation’, ‘Catch Up TV For Busy Parents’ and ‘Quiet Time’.

We had a friend’s teenage daughter over not long ago, before all this beautiful sunshine arrived, and we needed to find a good movie to keep us busy – one that would suit all four of us! My one year old likes to watch anything with singing in it and the higher pitched the voices, the better (ugh). Thankfully TV is a special treat for him, mostly he just likes to play with the remote. We decided to watch Gnomeo & Juliet, it seemed like a great compromise for us all.

It was hilarious! Gnomeo & Juliet is a fun show to watch with older children, teenagers or even as a couple. Younger children will enjoy the show, too, but certainly the puns and humour are directed at an older audience. The one year old enjoyed the 20 minutes that he was allowed to watch before bed, and the rest of us thoroughly enjoyed the whole movie.


I find Netflix easy to navigate, affordable and a great addition to our cable TV service. I love that whether we are snuggled up at home in front of the big screen TV or watching our iPad up at the cabin, Netflix is easy to access anytime, anywhere.

For those who already subscribe, what’s your favourite part of Netflix? For those that haven’t yet jumped in – give it a go. They offer a free one-month subscription – a good length of time to explore all that it offers.

Visit www.Netflix.com/Families for more information.

Netflix.com/Families is a new destination designed to meet your family’s summertime entertainment needs. On Netflix.com/Families, parents can find lists of movies and TV shows for all kinds of special summer moments.

Visit www.Netflix.com/Families for more information on the best ways to stream as well as videos from families using Netflix.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Netflix.

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