Pancakes for the Soul?

Friday, April 12th, 2013

30 Days of Pinterest – Day 11

The Pin!

Well, we are almost half way through April… and I’m beginning to notice that most of my completed pins take place in the kitchen! It might seem as though I spend most of my time there, and the truth is – I DO! Sometimes though, we all need a reminder to power down on the meal making and the chore duties, and power up on the time we spend on ourselves.

While searching for today’s pin (a little tiredly, I will admit) I came across a board that I had created a while ago called ‘Soul Searching.’ Since the board only had one pin, I had obviously felt it was important enough to create a dedicated board for it, and so I decided to check it out for today’s post.

Introducing Soul Pancake! It’s a website (and a book) that is designed to open your mind, challenge your philosophy, creativity and spirituality and encourage you to chew on life’s big questions. Author Rainn Wilson (you may recognize him as Dwight Shrute from The Office) said he wanted to use his success as an actor to create something uplifting and positive on the internet. That he certainly did!

coverAlthough I am a huge fan of The Office, the real reason I repinned the site was because of the activities portion of the webite. At that point, I had no idea that Dwight Shrute was behind all this soul-goodness, and it once I found out, it only made me love it more!

The activities are mini prompts that are designed to get you thinking about the big picture – without being overwhelming. They know you only have 15 minutes on your lunch break, and they’ve designed a way for you to learn a little about yourself even in that small 15 minute window. They post new writing & photography prompts every few days, and you can always pick and choose which ones you like the most. Plus, the community there is great! With lots of conversations between commenters, it’s a great place to do a little soul searching.

The Project Process:

For my activity, I chose the following written prompt:

Instant Enrichment: List the things that make your soul feel rich

  1. Spending time outdoors with my family
  2. Visiting the ocean (there’s just something about it that makes all things right in the world, even for a few minutes)
  3. Playing ball with our furry baby
  4. Drives down backroads
  5. Books with characters that feel like friends
  6. Buying coffee for the person behind me in the drive-through
  7. Giving a really thoughtful or creative gift

What sort of things do you attribute to your soul’s richness?


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