My New Best Friend: Tassi

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

You know when you find something new and you’re like ‘Whaaaaat? How did I live without this gizmo?’ This is how I feel about my new Tassi.


A few months ago I cut my long hair into a bob. I love this style but every time I wash my face I struggle to get my hair out of my face! It’s always a bad combination of elastics, pins and a headband each night. And then, just like that, my hair-in-my-face woes have been solved. I got myself a Tassi and I LOVE IT.


This terry cloth headband is very wide and regardless of what hairstyle you have, or how long your hair is, this will work for you. It will! And they come in a variety of fun colours – shop online here or check here to find a retailer near you. And look at this – a Tiny Tassi for little heads. :)



I literally got the last one on the shelf so I didn’t have a colour choice, so green it was. I like it very much; certainly won’t misplace it in amongst all my black headbands.

Tassi, oh dear Tassi, how I love thee.

Contributor: Kristi Ferguson

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