Last Minute Lemon Loaf

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

30 Days of Pinterest – Day 9

The Pin!

Now that there’s a wee 9 month old man in my life, I’m less of the planner and more of the last minute type. It drives me bananas, but what can you do?

Today I found myself in need of a quick sweet treat to take to an afternoon birthday tea. I checked my cupboards and fridge and realized I need to do a grocery shop! Ha ha! What I did have lots of was lemons – so lemon cake it was. My pantry is always stocked with lots of flour and baking essentials, so I headed over to Pinterest to look for a new lemon loaf recipe. I LOVE lemon in baking and enjoy trying new lemon recipes all the time.


This lemon loaf was described as exactly what I was looking for. Dense but not too stodgy, with lots of lemon flavour.

I chose to bake it in a square silicone baking dish, which ended up being perfect. The loaf/cake was only a couple of inches thick – I prefer that to a big loaf slice sometimes.


The recipe was good in that it was very lemony, though it didn’t blow me away. I did the simple syrup step but skipped the icing, I usually do skip it. It was still delicious but next time I’d either add the icing or, better yet, slather some lemon curd on top. YUM!

To jazz up the look of this rather dull-looking cake, I arranged a few thin slices of fresh lemon on top. Candied lemon peels would have been better, but they take longer than I had time for today.

What’s your favourite lemon recipe? Tell me, tell me!

Contributor: Kristi Ferguson

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