Kariton Art Gallery in Abbotsford

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Visit Kariton Art Gallery in Abbotsford for a trip into a fantastical world. On display until September 28, 2011, is “A Tea Party with the March Hare,” featuring works by local artists Ann Grundy and Margaret Blackburn. The exhibition displays a wide range of arts, including fibre arts, paper mache masks, hand-crafted dresses and couture hats.

Ann Grundy’s March Hare display brings the tea party to life in exquisite detail. Included in the display are the March Hare, Alice and more characters from “Alice in Wonderland.” The entire display, which took approximately eight months to create, was done from scratch and involves a range of fabrics and materials, including paper mache, fleece and even a coat hanger. The display also includes Grundy’s work with fabrics, such as the fleece used in a display showcasing sheep and sheep masks.




“I’m so thankful for being able to exhibit here,” Ann Grundy says. “They’ve been really good and allowed me to push the envelope. I’m happy to create and share what I love to do. This display has fantasy in it, and people are quite surprised by it. That moment of surprise is what I want from people. I like to speak to the child within.”

Margaret Blackburn’s stunning work includes a variety of superb hand-crafted dresses, couture hats and jewelry.

Following “A Tea Party with the March Hare,” Kariton Gallery will display works from the Fraser Valley Watercolour Society.

Kariton Gallery
2387 Ware Street, Abbotsford

Contributor: Heidi Turner

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