Interview: Marinella Tevely, Golden Naturals Skin Care

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Not long after Marinella Tevely gave birth to her daughter in 2001, she realized that her newborn was allergic to many chemicals found in skincare products.  Marinella, herself, suffered from severe headaches and nose bleeds after using common household products. She had to find a way to keep her family clean and moisturized without irritating their skin.

Frustrated by the lack of affordable organic skin care choices, she researched the process of making skin care herself.  After reading books, attending workshops and countless trials she developed her own line.  While she originally developed the creams for her own family, friends began asking for these gentle, natural products.  Realizing she had created a business without even knowing it, she officially launched her line of chemical free skin care, Golden Naturals Skin Care, in 2008.

Golden Naturals Skin Care

When I met Marinella, the first thing I noticed was her flawless skin – she’s a walking testimonial for her products.  I interviewed her to get some pointers on skin care and to learn how to avoid dry irritated skin this winter.

Like many of you, I suffer from extremely dry skin during the winter.  Marinella advises we take extra special care of our skin in winter months since a combination of dry indoor heating, cold outdoor temperatures and our need for comfort food wreaks havoc on our skin. Our hands and faces get the most exposure so we need to pay the most attention to exfoliating and moisturizing these parts.  Marinella recommends cleansing your face, following with a toner and then moisturizing each morning and night. You should exfoliate with a scrub two to three times a week depending on your skin sensitivity and use a mask once or twice a month.

Hands get especially dry during the flu season because we are constantly washing our hands and using hand sanitizer which robs our hands of moisture.  Marinella offers a simple tip to keeping hands soft, “Remove jewelry before washing.  Soap can get stuck to the rings and dry out hands even more.”  Moisturize your hands after every wash and before bed to keep your hands from drying out.

I have to admit, I had never considered the importance of chemical-free skin care before. We all know the importance of eating healthy, fresh food that is free of preservatives but few of us consider the effects of the chemicals we apply on our skin. Marinella reveals that we should be paying even more attention to the things we apply topically than what we eat. When we apply lotion, the chemicals get absorbed directly into the skin, bypassing the liver. Any chemicals in foods we consume are processed by the liver before entering the body. “So you would actually be better off eating you skin care than applying it on your face,” she explained.

I was pleasantly surprised by Golden Natural Skin Care’s prices.  Because of low overhead costs, Marinella is able to provide high quality products at affordable prices.  Another thing Marinella offers is the ability to order a modified product that perfectly matches your skin.

Marinella’s passion for taking health into our own hands came across clearly.  I could tell her skin care line is less about a business than a way to provide people with healthier choices and options. Marinella believes in being conscious of what we put in and on our bodies.  It seems not only are you what you eat, but also what you apply on your skin.



Contributor: Kelly Neufeld

Kelly Neufeld is a freelance writer who lives in Abbotsford with her husband and their two daughters. In addition to writing articles for the Fraser Valley Pulse, Kelly is a contributing writer & Marketing Coordinator for Impowerage Magazine. She enjoys spending time with her family, staying active and shopping.

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    Great article Kelly! Very valuable info!

  2. Great information, Kelly. And a great read. Cheers! K.

  3. Laurie Thomas says:

    This article really does make you think, doesn’t it. I would never consider EATING my own lotion, but I put it on my skin, which is even WORSE! We take time to read the labels of things we put in our mouths, but not on things we put on our skin. Thanks Kelly for the insight!

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