How to Fold That Fitted Sheet

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

30 Days of Pinterest – Day 26

The Pin!

Since we don’t have an actual linen closet, we have to make the best use any closet space we do have. Unfortunately (or I suppose fortunately for me), my clothes take up most of the space in our bedroom closet, leaving little room for anything else. We can’t afford to have our sheets balled up in a corner of the closet – it takes up too much space!

I’ve heard of the ‘how to fold a fitted sheet’ pins for a while now, and thought it was about time that I give it a try. The most popular one was the picture featured below. Since this one was originally from Martha Stewart, it (of course) appears to have been ironed prior to folding it. I had a feeling this particular folding method wouldn’t work for me for two reasons; one being that I have king sized sheets and it would be difficult to do it by hand in the air, and the other being I knew it wouldn’t look nearly as good because my sheets were wrinkly from the dryer.


I went back to the Pinterest board, and found another post that looked more like what I needed (and with written instructions as well). Here’s the picture for this one: (you can click here for the original post


The Project Process:

The photo above is pretty self explanatory, but I thought I would provide my additional notes and pictures for you as well!

Step 1: Throw on floor (that was easy)

Step 2: Take your pointer finger and find the corner of one side, and lay back on the floor


Step 3: Do the same to the other corner on the same side.

Step 4: Straighten the ‘line’ from the one corner to the other.


Step 5: Using the same pointer finger trick, find the remaining two corners, but inside out (it will make sense on the next step)

Step 6: Take the inside-out corners and then tuck them up into the regular corners. This should create a square with four square corners!



Step 7: Fold in half long-ways so the top two corners meet.


Step 8: Fold in half again, bringing the bottom up to the top.

Step 9: Fold in half again from the left side to the right (or mix it up and fold from the right side to the left!)

Step 10: You’re done! If you need too, you can fold in half an extra time to make the sheet more compact. You should be able to stack the fitted sheet on top of your flat sheet in a nicely fashion!

Although all of our extra pillow cases are currently being used, I love the idea of keeping everything together in a neat little package like this! I will most definitely be doing this when we move into a home that has an actual linen closet :)


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  1. Irene says:

    Ha, ha, if I threw my sheets on the floor to fold them, I’d have to wash them again.

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  3. haha – great point Irene! Now that I think of it, it probably isn’t the best way to start folding clean sheets!

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