Easy Homemade Granola

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

30 Days of Pinterest – Day 10

The Pin!

In our household, we love granola! On yogurt, in a bowl with milk, or just on it’s own, we can go through a box in about 2-3 days. Needless to say, we don’t actually keep it in the house too often simply because of the cost!

After eyeing a few great looking recipes on Pinterest for cooking up your own granola, I started to wonder why it’s so expense to purchase at the grocery store. It seemed pretty cheap (and pretty simple) to make it yourself in your very own kitchen!


The Project Process:

It didn’t take me very long to find a granola recipe on Pinterest, but it did take me a while to find one that I was able to make without a trip to the grocery store. I pride myself in having well stocked cupboards for baking and cooking, but some of the ingredients in some of the recipes were a little out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, I didn’t happen to have any rice oil, powdered milk, or agave nectar in the house! After a little big of digging, I was able to come across the Pin featured in this post, and thought it would be a great starting point for my granola adventure.


Although it does call for rice oil, the original poster indicated she omitted this ingredient to make a more crumbly granola instead of granola bars. Since I was aiming for a yogurt topping treat, I decided to do the same.


I was so excited to finally be making my own granola, that I found myself searching my cupboards for extra yummy ingredients that I could add into the mix. I used oats, chocolate chips, raisins, my favourite roasted maple flax seeds, what was left of my chia seeds and chopped almonds and cashews. While I understand cashews might not have been the best choice for granola, I chopped them up pretty finely in my food processor for the extra healthy fats.


I don’t particularly love the overpowering taste of honey, so I only added half the amount called for. To make up for this, I added a bit of sunflower oil, and the substitution seemed to work out just fine. The house smelledĀ so amazing while it was in the oven baking – especially because of the vanilla! The chocolate chips didn’t even making a chocolately mess in the oven, like I partially expected them to.


I allowed it to cool for a bit before transferring it into a glass bottle for storage. I can honestly say that this granola knocks the socks off of any store bought granola that I’ve ever had, and I’m already looking forward to making the next batch! Plus, just think of all those preservations that IĀ won’t be ingesting now that I know how to make it naturally at home! Extra bonus.


Have you ever baked your own granola? Do you have a favourite recipe that you use every time, or do you mix it up?

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