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Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

30 Days of Pinterest – Day 21

The Pin!

Okay, so, these didn’t exactly turn out as planned but I still love the idea and will be giving them another go.

I’m forever losing my popsicle stick markers in our veggie garden each year. Either they get lost in amongst all the greenery or the rain washes away the ink or some critter decides they would make a good addition to their nest.

So I found this project! I think these are great. They are inexpensive to make, relatively easy to make (says me who didn’t do a good job), customizable and add colour to your garden, which is always a lovely thing.

What you need:

wooden spoons
letter stickers
spray paint
clear coat


The process is fairly straightforward. First, use the alphabet stickers to spell out the names of the items in your garden. I’d recommend using the back of the spoons as they are a flatter surface.


I liked the tip about putting tape around a couple of inches at the bottom so paint isn’t sitting in your vegetable garden. Because, really, the whole reason I’m growing my own food is so its healthier than what I can buy at the store! I think this would be a great way to get kids involved in veggie gardening – have them decide what they would like to plant and make these great markers together. Perhaps instead of spray paint you could use a brush to paint on any variety of children’s paints that you have on hand – finger paints, watercolours, you name it – it would all work, as you will be sealing with a clear coat.


So after you paint, let them sit until dry. I put mine upright in one of my planters so the paint could dry evenly. When the paint is dry, carefully peel off your letter stickers and apply a coat of clear coat so they become water/weather proof. Again let them sit to dry.


Here’s the finished product. Not best, I’m so unhappy with all the paint bleeds. I still love this idea, though, and will give them another try before I plant my garden next month.


What went wrong? I believe two things were against me. First, the stickers I got were cheap and not very sticky. They didn’t stick properly so the paint got under the sticker bit. I’d use stickier letters, maybe better quality ones meant for scrapbooking. Or you could use wooden spoons that are already clear coated. Some of the letters on my project are blurry because the paint ran/seeped on the raw wood. Or better yet, you could still buy the cheap spoons and give them a quick clear coat of your own before the paint. I’ll experiment and update this post in the coming weeks.


Contributor: Kristi Ferguson

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