Bunny Bread Bowl

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

30 Days of Pinterest – Day 3

The Pin!

This Easter I was feeling the need to get in touch with my crafty side. My son is just 8 months old, so he wouldn’t yet appreciate my creative efforts. Instead, I turned to Pinterest and looked up something neat to take as an appetizer to Easter dinner.

The first thing that popped up was this Easter Bunny Bread bowl and I thought it was hilarious and adorable. I had to make one!

The recipe called for frozen bread dough, which I didn’t have on hand. So I took a quick detour over to one of my favourites – Mennonite Girls Can Cook. Here I also found a great bunny bread recipe and it was soooo easy. It literally took me 15 minutes to make the dough in my KitchenAid mixer and to form my rabbits (yes, rabbits, I made two!). They sat to rise for 30 minutes, baked for 20 and, voila, I had some adorable bunnies!


For one of my Easter parties I was asked to bring something chocolate. Easter = Easter eggs, so I loaded up on some tasty Lindt eggs and popped them into Mr. Rabbit’s belly. For the second party I made the same well in the belly, kept the bread for dipping, added a few carrots to the platter and filled his belly up with a yummy artichoke dip. I was really feeling fancy at this point, so I even popped on a little pink icing onto his nose. :)

These breads were so simple to make, a great conversation piece and the bread actually tasted really yummy! It is something I will most definitely make again. Perhaps I’ll try fashioning other bread bowl animals throughout the year, ha ha.

Contributor: Kristi Ferguson

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  1. Jerimi says:

    This is so cute, and so funny! I love it!

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