Autumn Spa Treatments

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

With the lazy summer season barely behind us, it’s possible that some of you are already ready for a little pampering and indulgence.  There are so many enjoyable spa treatments available and going for one can easily slough away rough, dull and dry skin and have you looking as fresh as spring again in no time.  

Healthy Horizon Massage

One of my favorite treatments that is a little more unique than the average scrub is the Citrus Vichy at The Wild Orange Spa.  While you lay in a shallow tub-like pool, your body is exfoliated using citrus salts and at the same time, nozzles of water are adjusted to spray over parts of your body such as your back and legs, resulting in a pulsating feeling at the same time.  You are also massaged with essential oils, so you get the combination of scrub and massage in one treatment, all the while with the sound and feel of a gentle rain over your body.  It’s relaxing and exhilarating all at once.

Though I haven’t tried it yet, I’ve always wanted to see what being covered in mud is all about.  At Aru Spa, you can try the Montecelli Mud Wrap.  It’s a warm mud infused with healing waters and essential oils that are meant to help drain and detoxify the skin.  Though mud normally seems quite gross and dirty, I can only imagine how nice the skin would look and feel after this treatment.  And, you don’t have to worry about cleaning any mess up either.  Win-win!

If you love the royal treatment, but don’t have the budget for it, consider trying Spa Pure’s Pure Package, which includes a 1 hour swedish massage, 1 hour relaxation facial, 30 minute quick manicure and 30 minute quick pedicure.  Three hours of treatment, and all for under $100!  Spa Pure has multiple locations throughout the Fraser Valley so it’s easy to find one close to home.

If spa treatments are way over your budget or your schedule just doesn’t allow for an escape, there are some quick and easy at-home spa treatments that are so easy to do.  One of my favorite things is to bring a cup of white sugar into the shower with me and make a paste with it by adding water (or an oil of your choice).  Rub the sugar paste over your legs or other rough areas to gently exfoliate your skin until the sugar dissolves.   Rinse off and follow with your favorite lotion. You’ll have glowing gams in no time!

Olive oil is an ingredient used in many organic and natural skin care lines nowadays, as well as in the kitchen, and can double as a soothing oil for the face.  Use a quarter size amount of extra virgin olive oil and apply to a dry, cleansed face prior to applying your night time cream.  Enjoy soft, supple skin without any extra expense.

Need an afternoon (or anytime) pick-me-up?  Why not mimic the refreshing water that many spas serve by cutting up cucumber slices and adding mint leaves to your water.  Make sure there’s lots of ice and allow it to sit for a little while to create a nice, mild flavor.  If not cucumber, try a combination of orange and lemon slices in your water instead.

Whatever you prefer, planning time for yourself is crucial to making it through the busy weeks ahead.

Contributor: Chrissy Lambert

Chrissy Lambert is a freelance Makeup Artist and owner of Makeup Infusion. She is a proud Auntie of two adorable nieces and loves a night out “on the town” as much as a quiet night at home.

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