You’re Still Not Online?

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Do you own, work at or know of a local business who is not utilizing the internet as well as it could be?

It’s 2010 and unfortunately many local businesses still are not taking this whole internet thing seriously.  Have you ever said or thought the following:  “My niece built me a little website in high school class, that’s all my business needs.”  “Social media and online advertising?  Too confusing, no thanks.”  Or worse case scenario: “I’m not sure I need to be online.”

Wrong!  The internet IS for every business and if you’re not online yet or not keeping up your web presence, you are losing business.  Small businesses in every industry can, will and do benefit from a professional web presence.

For over a decade I have worked in online advertising, marketing & communications for and with innovative, international multimedia companies. I now share my experience on what a successful online presence can look like for small businesses, when to hire a professional vs. when to DIY, and how building your presence online takes more than just a great website.

I invite you to join me at the abc Country Restaurant for the Langley Chamber breakfast meeting on June 30th, 2010. It’s an informative hour before you start your day, learning about how to get going online or how to improve your existing online presence, followed by 30 minutes of networking with other great local business owners.

Tickets are just $10 and must be purchased in advance by phoning the Langley Chamber at 604-530-6656 or send an email to  Hope to see you there!

abc Country Restaurant ~ 5978 Glover Road, Langley

Contributor: Kristi Ferguson

Kristi Ferguson is the Founder & Editor of The Pulse. Her company, Double You, offers online communications consulting, project management and event planning. Kristi is a proud mama who loves to explore, shop, laugh & create. She is passionate about promoting all things local. Twitter: @pulseblogonline @MrsKFergie

2 Responses to “You’re Still Not Online?”

  1. Harmony says:

    I will be there with bells on. I believe in the message :-)

  2. Team FVP says:

    That’s fantastic Harmony! Looking forward to it :)

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