The Time Has Come

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

31117_385488216710_7738495_nIn March of 2009 I started with an intention. I set out to establish a local online resource that featured and uncovered exciting local businesses and events in my community. I met some amazing local women with the same desire and together we worked so hard. I am tremendously proud of what this website and its contributors have accomplished over the past few years. In less than two years we had a readership of 30,000 each month – that is not easy to do and is something to be excited about! The experiences we enjoyed through this blog, the people we’ve met… amazing. I feel honoured and blessed for everything that has come from FVP.

This isn’t the end of Fraser Valley Pulse. It will remain online as a resource and may be updated from time to time. However, the time has come to officially bow out and to relieve myself of any expectations. I am a Mum to a busy toddler and my time online is limited nowadays. Rather than live with one foot halfway in, I’m going to lay my dear blog here to rest peacefully :)

I am spending some time with my new blog adventure called I Love That – You will find a few of the same topics covered here on FVP, but an entirely different format. Please stop by sometime.

See you around, dearest readers. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for reading.


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