lellow’s 2nd Birthday Sale

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Congratulations to Heidi & Fran of Chilliwack’s lellow – they are celebrating two years in business!  Yahoo!  In celebration of this great achievement they are hosting a ‘SHEBANG’ sale.  What’s a ‘shebang sale’?  It means everything in the store is on sale, the whole ‘shebang’!  Score!

Find tons of great kids brands at this adorable Chilliwack children’s store.  Stonz, Bob, bilibo, Dimpleskins Naturals, Bug and Pickle… and our Fraser Valley’s Mally Bibs and Westcoast Baby.  It’s definitely one of those stores to take your time in and browse a while – there’s lots of great treasures here.

Happy ‘birthday’ and congrats ladies!

9369 Mill Street, Chilliwack BC
Ring: 604.795.7517 

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