Lellow, In Honour of Every Lisping 2 Year Old

Monday, June 15th, 2009

After lunch at Evangeline’s a couple of weeks back, I came across the most adorable Chilliwack children’s shop – Lellow. Co-owner Fran was in the shop that day, and was super delightful to chat with.  She & her friend Heidi run Lellow.  Tired of having to visit the ‘big city’ to find trendy, hip children’s gear and gifts, they decided to open up shop in Chilliwack.

Lellow is one of those shops you have to go around a few times, because there are so many great products it’s hard to decide which to choose!  Abbotsford’s Mally Bibs and Westcoast Baby items were there, as well as tons of other great brands like biliboStonzBobDimpleskins NaturalsBug and Pickle and much, much more!  I just loved the great selection of baby & children’s booksthey carried too – unique titles I’ve not seen before!

A really great selection of fun, useful baby items and a seriously cute business name.  Lellow - in honour of every lisping two year old.  I love it.

If you don’t live in the Chilliwack area, no worries – Lellow offers online shopping!  Visit www.shoplellow.com to learn more.

9369 Mill Street, Chilliwack BC
Ring: 604.795.7517 

Contributor: Kristi Ferguson

Kristi Ferguson is the Founder & Editor of The Pulse. Her company, Double You, offers online communications consulting, project management and event planning. Kristi is a proud mama who loves to explore, shop, laugh & create. She is passionate about promoting all things local. Twitter: @pulseblogonline @MrsKFergie

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