Harrison Hot Springs: A Family Adventure

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Recently, our family had the pleasure of visiting Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa – what a treat! We were invited by the resort to explore their location as a family-friendly destination. Well, our family LOVED it! Have you been? I had readĀ Kristi’s review of the Resort from last year and was super excited to explore what this local getaway had to offer on the family front.

We headed out on a sunny day leaving the hustle and bustle of suburbia behind. Only a 90 minute drive from home in Maple Ridge and we were transported to the most beautiful and tranquil setting. The views were breathtaking. I kept thinking we only drove 90 minutes and we get to be surrounded by this? Why don’t we do this more often?!



Upon arriving we stretched our legs along the shore line and took it all in. Harrison Hot Springs is simply beautiful. We then grabbed our bags and checked in to the Resort. The staff were so friendly and warm; we felt instantly welcome. This was the first time I had visited Harrison Hot Springs Resort. For some reason I had it in my head that this was going to be a very formalĀ  ‘non kid friendly’ resort. I was so mistaken! It was Spring Break when we visited and there were families with kids of all ages, all of them having a blast!


Harrison Hot Springs Resort provides many activities for children. First and foremost are the amazing hot spring pools, one of the Resort’s famous main attractions. They have a family pool that has lots of room (approximately 4,000 sq. ft.). Why I loved it? It has a gradual entrance which was great for my not so brave little girl. She was able to play around in a safe and warm environment. When she found her courage, she loved going into the deep end with the water falls and big granite rocks. The hardest part was convincing her it was time to go inside!!


I don’t know about you but swimming makes me hungry! We visited The Lakeside Cafe for dinner and it was fantastic. I may or may not have gone back to the buffet three times! Don’t even get me started on the desserts table; I think I ate my weight in delicious cheesecake. The Lakeside Cafe was also a hit with my picky four year old, scoring them big points in my books. They had everything her little heart desired! When we weren’t too busy eating I would look up and be amazed by the view that treated us out the windows. As our family sat down to eat, we overlooked the beautiful Harrison Lake and mountains and it was stunning.


To me Harrison Hot Springs Resort has the best of both worlds. If you have kids you know you can take them there with out worrying they are going to be too noisy. Believe me they won’t get bored. They have an in-house theater, Wii games to play, trails to hike, shore lines to explore, a charming town to wander. In the summer they have a water park for the kids and the Resort grounds are nothing to be missed. If you enjoy beautiful gardens you won’t want to miss exploring the property.




Of course as a mom I love to spend time with my kids and see their faces having fun. However, I always enjoy a little me time as well! Ah yes, I was introduced to The Healing Springs Spa. As my husband was having fun in the hot springs pools with the kids, I slipped away and had a very relaxing eye and lip treatment at the spa. As soon as I opened the doors I was put at ease. The gentle spa music, friendly smiling staff, aromatherapy oils lingering in the air…this was my kind of place. In my ‘before mom’ life I was an esthetician. So when I walk into a spa and have a treatment I tend to be a bit more of a critic than most. This spa did not disappoint. It was very professional and the treatment was performed with care and expertise. My skin glowed and I felt renewed. It was just what this mom needed!


At the end of the day knowing we had swam, played and ate our hearts out it was so nice to know we got to spend the night in a beautiful, cozy and clean room. Our balcony lakefront view was lovely to enjoy as we slipped on our robes and watched the sun go down. As our little girl peacefully slept, my husband and I enjoyed the evening lights and listened to the gentle sounds of the lake. This getaway was just what our family was in need of. And to think, it’s so close to home!


I am already planning our next get away to Harrison Hot Springs Resort and it can’t come soon enough! Harrison Hot Spring Resort always has different specials and packages on offer, many which include family activities. Check their website for current offers.





Laura Pearson is a stay at home mother and blogger. She has been blogging since 2007 when her world was forever changed with the birth of her daughter. She is also a foster mother to a 9 month old baby boy. Laura loves to laugh and spend time with her family and friends. If she is not at home she can generally be found in thrift stores looking for treasures or at the gym getting her fitness on.

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  1. I’m excited to visit one day with the newest addition to our family. It was a wonderful place for a romantic vacation for two but I’m happy to know of all the great kids activities, too!

    Great article, Laura.

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