Weekly Spotlight, January 25/10 – Message Cookies

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Everyone loves a fortune cookie.  A little treat after a hefty meal, with a cheesy quote inside to make you laugh or make you think (that Confucious does make some good points!).  A local company has taken these little morsels and done something tremendous with them. Fraser Valley’s Message Cookies delivers custom sayings inside of their gourmet fortune cookie creations and, WOW, they are seriously delicious!

After a Chinese restaurant visit six years ago, Karen Gaulton and her family were sharing the notes from each other’s fortune cookies.  “There should be scriptures inside these cookies,” noted Karen’s then 11 year old daughter.  This comment stuck with Karen for several days, until the entrepreneurial spirit inside her nearly burst with excitement.  During a few moments of personal quiet time, Karen just knew this is what she wanted to pursue.

During her research, Karen noted that several other companies insert custom sayings into pre-made, store-bought fortune cookies – the tasteless ones we’re all familiar with.  Karen decided that she wanted to bake her own cookies, and set out on a baking journey to find her own creation.  She came up with a simply delicious recipe that is now available in 12 flavours and 4 specialty flavours. Cool Mint, Oriental Chai, Caribbean Coconut, Apple Caramel Crunch… not what you’d expect in a fortune cookie, is it?  When you order by the dozen, they come in a fun white take-out box (starting at $10.50 per dozen, score!). We had the pleasure of receiving one dozen original flavour Message Cookies.  Pair these with any personalized message you like – we think they are a pretty snazzy gift idea!

Getting married this year?  Message Cookies also offers gorgeous sugar cookie creations for wedding favours, baby showers – you name it, they can create a cookie for it!  Each cookie is individually wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon and a personalized tag.  What a great way to share a message!

Karen told us about a couple of exclusive Vancouver hotels which use message cookies as tokens for their valet parking clients, and another who orders travel quotes inside their Message Cookies, which are left on guest’s pillows.  The ideas are endless when it comes to using these delightful treats for branding purposes!

Karen loves the variety of requests she gets, from corporate to super personalized notes inside of the Message Cookies.  What she has yet to do is put an engagement or anniversary ring inside of one… hint, hint to any of you men reading this!

Not surprisingly, Karen was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008 by the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce and has been nominated for other small business awards.  She notes how important networking has been in spreading the word about Message Cookies, and how invaluable taking the FVSEP was to her business venture.

Message Cookies is offering an exclusive offer to FVP readers until April 30, 2010. When you order $50+ of any cookies, you’ll receive 1 dozen free Message Cookies.  Brides, baby shower organizers, business owners, those wishing to send a bouquet o’ baked delights to your Valentine – this is for you! Email Message Cookies now, or ring 604.701.7073!

A great idea, Karen.  Thanks for the delicious cookies!

Message Cookies
Chilliwack, BC
Ring: 604.701.7073

9 Responses to “Weekly Spotlight, January 25/10 – Message Cookies”

  1. allison says:

    these look like such scrumptious little morsels, what a fabulous idea! good on you karen!

  2. Stacy Paterson says:

    yummy! thx FVP for sharing

  3. Marcia says:

    Wished I could of found you earlier for our upcoming event! What a great concept!~ Alll the best!~

  4. Deb Buchner says:

    I have had the opportunity to offer Message Cookies as gifts in a variety of settings. They are perfect for all occasions, and are amazing cookies too. Karen herself is professional, prompt & courteous. I highly recommend Karen and her cookies for local and long distance.

  5. What a great idea , I will be looking at it as a great customer gift for my own business.
    DOnna, GOurmet TakeAway

  6. alli says:

    does anyone know if karen is still in business? her website cannot be found :( (jan 2011)

  7. admin says:

    I’m not sure, have been trying to reach her as well…

  8. Louise Adrian says:

    I have been trying to reach her too! Anyone what if she is still in business?

  9. Laura says:

    JAN 2012….R U still in business? I have called and left messages twice and no answer from you? Please let me know either way and if not then I won’t be bothered trying to get hold of you.

    Thanks a bunch

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