Weekly Spotlight, January 18/10 – Cathy Empey

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

It’s the pure passion of entrepreneurs that drives us and keeps us excited about these Weekly Spotlight features.  From start up companies to those who have been serving the Fraser Valley for several decades, one thing always captures our attention at each: the drive, spirit and special sparkle of entrepreneurs.  It’s so inspiring and we love celebrating their accomplishments by sharing their stories.

Today’s featured entrepreneur is one of the most inspiring, positive people we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  This woman knocks our socks off, and we’re super thrilled to share her story with you.  Meet Cathy Empey – Boudoir Photographer and Mom to 6 kids under 10 years old!  

Cathy comes by her love for photography honestly.  Her father always took loads of photos and slides when she was a kid.  She even recalls a photo of herself as a toddler, wandering around with Dad’s camera.  But since a photography course in high school, Cathy hadn’t pursued this love until after her sixth baby was born in November 2007.  Just before she gave birth, Cathy had some maternity pics done with her friend who was also due with her sixth – how sweet!!  Cathy recalls how amazing and beautiful she felt during the photo shoot, and how incredible the finished product made her feel.  How could she make other women feel this beautiful and empowered, regardless of what size or shape they were?

Cathy got to work with borrowed photography books and a camera lent to her by the photographer who had taken her amazing photos!  She practiced and practiced, taking photos first of landscapes, then moving onto family and friends.  Cathy hit up google to see if there was a name for what she wanted to accomplish… and there was!  It was called boudoir photography.

The past two years have been a whirlwind of fun for Cathy.  Her boudoir photography business has taken off in leaps and bounds.  With little to no advertising efforts, happy clients have helped Cathy spread the word.  She is loving every minute of it and enjoys seeing women’s eyes light up when they receive the finished product.  “I’m just… happy!” says Cathy.  Noting that she couldn’t do what she did without the support of her great husband and family, Cathy shares how finding this joy really rubs off on her family of eight. When she’s happy, her kids are happy and the household runs smoothly.

We told Cathy that while we loved the idea of what she did, we weren’t sure if we could whip it all off for the camera.  Was it just us who felt nervous about the prospect of her lens capturing all the wrong lumps and bumps?  She says almost everyone is nervous at first, but she enjoys helping people feel at ease and reads each person’s comfort level. “Boudoir photography isn’t all about lingerie and being nude though,” explained Cathy, “bring what makes you feel beautiful.  Maybe it’s a pair of jeans, cowboy boots, a favourite sweater.” Looking through Cathy’s boudoir portfolio, it’s clear she has a knack for making people feel comfortable in whatever they are, or are not, wearing.  Look at all those beautiful women!  If we do take the plunge, it will definitely be with someone as fun, friendly and talented as Cathy!

Cathy says don’t wait till you lose those last ten or twenty pounds, celebrate you today. Her goal is to create artful pieces that are timeless, tasteful and beautiful – like a little black dress.

2010 sounds like an exciting year for Cathy and we’re looking forward to watching her do more great things.  She’s planning on some more stylized shoots with a bit of a story line, as well as couple shoots to help them “rekindle their flame”.  Book your boudoir session today, email Cathy or ring 604.613.8639.

Thanks for sharing your story and beautiful work with us Cathy.  We think you are amazing!

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  1. Fantastic Cathy! I can’t wait until you take our photo’s for Tara Cronica!! Such Inspiration ! Love it! Tracy

  2. Olympia Komianos says:

    Fabulous Sexy Cathy! Beautiful photos! You are most inspiring for all women! Wishing you heaps & heaps of success & mega good health! I’ll be ringing you soon … :)

  3. Gaylene says:

    Great Article for a well deserving lady !! All the best.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Great article!! We’re fans/followers of Cathy and Fraser Valley Pulse on Twitter, thanks for spotlighting such a super talented photographer. Cathy, your work is just stunning! Congrats on all your success!

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