Weekly Pulse, November 30/09 – Frosting Cupcakery

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

The minute we saw the bright pink sign go up for Frosting Cupcakery, we knew Langley was in for a good thing.  A cupcakery? That word just sounds fabulous!  What we didn’t know was how GOOD an experience we were in for!  Craig & Melanie McDougall have hit the nail on the head when it comes to knowing what locals wanted… gourmet cupcakes, great community events and a fabulous place to hang out with the kids, with a friend, or with a plate full of cupcakes!

Melanie & Craig, Frosting Cupcakery in Langley BC

Melanie McDougall has always enjoyed baking & creating.  Originally from Nanaimo, she moved to the mainland to attend travel school, which is when she met Craig. Melanie says her entrepreneurial spirit is always on the go as she is always thinking of new and fun business opportunities and ideas. Husband Craig was raised in a large family in Langley, and has a background in sales and marketing. After a successful run in sales management, Craig felt it was time for a change from corporate land. Their very different career experiences and skills, Melanie’s creativity with Craig’s driven business mind, blend as a perfect team to run any business.  We are pretty thrilled that they decided to go with Frosting Cupcakery!

Cupcakes at Frosting Cupcakery, Langley BC

The cupcake flavours change daily.  Not only is this fun, keeping you on your toes to find out what the day’s selections are, it is great because you know the cupcakes are always fresh.  The smell of baking cupcakes hits you the moment you open the door at Frosting Cupcakery. Mmmm, we can smell them now.  Yum.  They serve over 25 specialty cupcake flavours: Tropical Storm, Peanut Butter Cup, Red Velvet, Banana Butterscotch, The Candy Shop, Vanilla Sparkle and lots of other equally delicious-sounding creations.  Coming this week are the holiday cupcakes, which we’re excited to ‘meet’: O Christmas Tree,Winter Wonderland, Rudolf the Reindeer, Holiday Eggnog, Holiday Gingerbread, Frosty & Candy Cane!  Cupcakes can be ordered in advance – a perfect treat for a holiday celebration!  Also perfect for the holidays would be a Frosting Cupcakery gift certificate stocking stuffer (available in any denomination over $10).  Check out their new coupons page for some great holiday savings!!

Brand new to Frosting Cupcakery are Far Coast hot beverages: tea, hot chocolate, tea lattes and deeeeelicious specialty coffees. Far Coast is an official 2010 sponsor – so you’ll be running into them all over the place at the upcoming Olympics.

Melanie & Craig, Frosting Cupcakery in Langley BC

Cupcake parties for birthdays or special occasions are lots of fun for the kids – call Frosting Cupcakery to learn more about their birthday party packages.  Melanie & her team also create beautiful cakes/cupcakes for weddings and other special occasions. Consultations are always free – here’s some more info.

This young company has already had some really exciting moments!  As a two-month old business, Frosting Cupcakery attended the Canadian Country Music Awards VIP Lounge where they served cupcakes to the biggest names in country music!  Teri Clark, Paul Brandt, Colin James, Johnny Reid (photo below)… they all thoroughly enjoyed Frosting’s cupcakes.  Both Craig & Melanie say this has been the highlight of the business so far!  Last Friday Frosting Cupcakery hosted the talented Greg Neufeld for an evening of treats and vocal talent. Very cool!  His CDs are now available at the store for $10.  Stay tuned to FVP and Frosting’s blog to find out what other fun community events are being held at the Fraser Valley’s finest cupcake store.


Frosting Cupcakery has become one of our favourite, happy places to stop by in the Fraser Valley, and we know you’ll feel the same after you give it a try.  Craig and Melanie are creating tasty treats and a really great place to hang out.  Do check it out – we promise you’ll love it!

Frosting Cupcakery
122-20226 Fraser Highway, Langley
Ring: 778.278.8832

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