Spotlight: WildChild – January 24, 2011

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Gone are the days when the only person you knew who had a tattoo was your biker Uncle and all his friends.  Enter Wildchild Tattoos & Hairshop and you’ll discover that custom tattoo work is not only within reach, but in a sterile, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

WildChild was opened in August 2010 by husband and wife team Danielle and Nigel Walker, the salon’s primary tattoo artist.  With over 14 years of experience, “WildChild” Nigel and his apprentice mainly create custom tattoos for their customers.  Not only can you get a tattoo in a private room that is warm and welcoming, you will also walk away with a tattoo unlike anyone else’s.

With a 1940’s Manhattan decor theme, the hairshop makes you feel as though you are walking into a creative space that encourages individual style.  Each of the five Hair Stylists who work at the salon are given free reign to decorate their personal workspace, which really gives you a sense of what inspires their everyday work.

This is not just a salon for women that men can occasionally visit.  The salon has a 1940’s vintage barber chair, where men can sit when they come in for a straight-razor shave, and several of the workstations have manly tool kits that act as storage for the stylists’ tools and products.  Not only do their services cater to men, but they carry products for men from American Crew and Layrite from Hawleywood’s in L.A., a perfect solution for hairstyles with a 50’s or 60’s feel.

Another unique service at the salon is their custom pin-up hairstyles for women.  Whether you are going to a themed party or want to channel your inner Rita Hayworth,  you can walk out feeling like a bombshell beauty from days gone by.  Browse the art on their walls or their assortment of goodies such as jewelry, custom hair accessories and purses from local artists such as Jae West, Pink Gargoyle and Wicked Purses.  Or stock up on Moroccan Oil products, a raved about line of hair products and favorite of the Hair Stylists at WildChild.

The staff are passionate about making your visit to WildChild comfortable and fun.  With flexible hours that accommodate their customer’s needs, they hope to bring you an experience that leaves you coming back for more, whether that’s getting your first tattoo with your grandpa for his 80th birthday, a haircut for your children or your own personal hair upkeep.  WildChild is a new and trendy one-stop shop for your styling needs!

WildChild Tattoos & Hairshop
19228 96th Ave, Surrey BC (under the Barron Manor Pub)
Ring: 778.298.8869

Contributor: Chrissy Lambert

Chrissy Lambert is a freelance Makeup Artist and owner of Makeup Infusion. She is a proud Auntie of two adorable nieces and loves a night out “on the town” as much as a quiet night at home.

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  1. Great Job FVP!!! Wild Child is such a great shop! The staff and atmosphere is awesome,

  2. Great article. Krissy and the gang are awesome. Thanks so much for mentioning my jewelry – Pink Gargoyle.

  3. janis leeson ford says:


  4. Ive know Nigel for some years now and he pretty much got the ball rollin for me and the great work on the tats i have now…for him getting this shop and doin so well is only a compliment to his commitment and dedication to some seriously awesome work. Im in the Canadian Armed forces and i couldnt be prouder to show off Nigels work. And just to let ya know buddy…i get asked about them all the time!! Congrats to you and your shop and to your wife for puttin up with ya…!!! lol see you in august for some more of your artisty!!

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