Spotlight: October 11, 2010 – Paper Nation

Monday, October 11th, 2010

For those of you who visited Fresh! Fraser Valley this year, we are sure you will remember a fabulous, colourful booth display by Paper Nation. Local entrepreneur Bryan Heidinger brought Paper Nation to Fresh! to introduce this brand new store to in-the-know Fraser Valley residents. We knew from that booth alone that this store was going to rock!

We were thrilled to be there as Paper Nation opened its doors this past weekend in Historic Downtown Abbotsford; we just couldn’t wait to share this gem with you! It is, in a word, awesome! Our team can’t get enough of sparkly papers and handmade cards. If you are a stationery and scrapbooking fanatic, you are going to love this shop.

After working in TV and film production for most of the last decade, Bryan decided it was time for a change. While working on his five year plan, enrolling in a self employment program and getting married, Bryan discovered that trying to find 5×5 envelopes in Abbotsford was quite a challenge. This sparked his curiousity and after conducting some market research, he discovered that a unique, well-stocked stationery store was missing in his city.

Bryan says he comes by his entrepreneurial spirit honestly; just about everyone in his family is a business owner. His father, who has run a successful business for several years, has also rediscovered a passion in sewing. Bryan is very excited to be selling one-of-a-kind tote bags created by his 79 year old father. Love :)

At Paper Nation  you will find beautiful stationery, loads of unique scrapbooking pieces, gift bags/paper, card making supplies, handmade decorative paper, stationery packs from all over the world, independent greeting card lines, hundreds of stamps, postcards and lots of other little bits to fuel your stationary passions. For those who enjoy hysterically funny, a little risque or just plain fabulous greetings cards, you will love the lines Bryan has chosen for Paper Nation.

We loved how many things in the store have a story card next to them. His father’s tote bags, the tree/pollution free paper… it’s a lovely experience for the shopper to read these little tidbits as you make your way through the store. This wall of tree-free, pollution-free paper (below) was one of our favourite things in the store, too. Their colours are so vibrant – put them in a frame, hang them on the wall and you have some pretty fabulous art! These and other handmade papers are imported from India, Asia and other parts of the globe.

We know all of the other stationery nerds (as we so lovingly describe ourselves) will be thrilled with this new addition. Head down to Paper Nation this week to enjoy the opening week specials (click here to see the flyer) and tell Bryan we say hello!

Paper Nation
33721 Essendene Avenue, Abbotsford
Ring: 604.746.4744

Contributor: Kristi Ferguson

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