Spotlight: May 3, 2010 – Kermode Wild Berry Wine

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Take a weekend drive through the country roads of the Fraser Valley and you will find the most fantastic little gems.  Farms, artisan studios, acres of flowers and some of the best wineries in BC.  One of our readers recently stumbled across Kermode Wild Berry Winery just outside of Mission and what a great find it was!  Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

Over 50 varieties of wild berries grow in abundance throughout our beautiful province. Fritz Sprieszl started exploring wild-growing vegetables and berries several years ago.  In doing so, he noticed the abundance of wild berries and decided that fruit wine would be a fantastic way to utilize them. He approached his brother Bob about the possibilities and production began in 2005!

We wondered how one would gather enough berries to harvest this much wine. Surely there can’t be enough wild berries here locally? Indeed some of the species of berries are collected here in the Fraser Valley, but Kermode Wild Berry Wine is produced from wild berries picked from the Sunshine Coast to Blue River.  Fritz, Bob, their friends and a troop of pickers head out into the wilderness, old logging cut-outs, the ‘boonies’ to collect all of these berries.  They are presently working with 18 varieties of berries from blueberries to orange salmonberries, blackcap raspberries to elderberries – all which are in season at different times on the year.  So the picking crew makes their way around the province during the Spring/Summer/early Fall months and wine production takes place in the winter. Kermode Wild Berry Winery is located in a cool old dairy barn, where some of the old dairy vats have been converted to crush berries – very cool!

Fritz impressed us with his berry knowledge.  To us, a blackberry looks like a blackberry – we had no idea there were so many different types! After seeing the many different varieties of BC native berries on the wall in the wine tasting room, we’re sure to be taking a closer look at our local wild berries this Summer.

Their great wine flavours are winning awards worldwide. From Ontario to Oregon to Japan, folks are loving unique tastes such as Himalayan Blackberry Port, Alpine Blueberry Liqueur, Glacier Bear Apple Sweet wine and even Blue Elderberry wine. Stop by and taste the unique flavours at Kermode Wild Berry Winery, open daily between 12PM – 6PM. The exclusive Orange Salmonberry wine and the Himalayan Blackberry Port were our favourites!

When you stop by, take a look at the album of berry picking photos.  There are photos of a Kermode bear with three white cubs.  What great scenery these guys have at work! Kermode (pronounced kur-moe-dee) bears are also known as ‘spirit bears’.  They are a sub-species of the black bear, noted for their white/cream coloured coats. They are very rare.

We’re always looking for something unique to gift Mum at Mother’s Day, which we’re sure you are, too.  A bottle of something perfectly sweet for Mum awaits you at Kermode Wild Berry Winery.  Pick up a bottle at your local private liquor store or, even better, take Mom on a relaxing country drive on Mother’s Day weekend and head for Fritz & Bob’s winery.  All FVP readers who mention this feature will receive 10% off at the winery on Mother’s Day weekend (May 8/9, 2010).  A fabulous idea!

Kermode Wild Berry Wine
8457 River Road South, Dewdney
Ring: 604.814.3222

7 Responses to “Spotlight: May 3, 2010 – Kermode Wild Berry Wine”

  1. anna says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to find a few of thier labels at my local liquor store out in Langley. Absolutley LOVE thier product!

  2. Tom McDowell says:

    During a meeting with my accountant, “Arnie Anderson” who is also a very close friend we were having a very wide ranging discussion. Time dragged on so he offered me a drink. The drink turned out to be your “Alpine Blueberry Liqueur”. This was completely “over the top” I asked for more and we killed the bottle. He gave me the empty bottle, so I could find your establishment. I must have more for my “special friends” and my “most special friend” my wife. I will be visiting your establishment.

  3. Dennis Barker says:

    I have enjoyed these products since I first tried the blackcap raspberry port.. I am in love with these wines! Since late October I have purchased over 3 cases of blackcap raspberry wine from my local liquor store in Duncan. I also enjoy the cranberry liquor as much, with saskatoon berry, sitka mountain ash, alpine blueberry and Oregon grape being very good as well. I purchased a bottle of salal berry wine and I must say it is very phenolic and needs to be decanted for several hours before consuming, not the best, but interesting nonetheless. I have always felt that consuming naturally occurring fruits and vegetation from local sources is the absolute best thing one could do for themselves. These wines will become legendary throughout the world. Does it get any better than this?

  4. Leila Brown says:

    I just brought my parents, who used to live in BC but now have moved to Ontario, to the winery and it was the stand-out tasting of the day! I’ve had some of your wines before but I didn’t know the full array of delicious wild harvested BC berries- it’s quite the list. Kudos to you for making such beautiful wines from native sources. I will be back!

  5. P.Wright says:

    I have visited Kermode brewery numerous times while visiting family in the area and am now a big fan of many of their fantastic wines. I’m now living in Japan and know lots of people I’d love to introduce these wines to here. Very much looking forward to having them available in Japan.
    Please keep us posted!

  6. Shawnlyn says:

    I recieved Kermode Alpine Blueberry Wine as a gift … it is the BEST wine I have ever tasted ! ; )

  7. It’s pretty delicious!

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