Spotlight: May 10, 2010 – It’s Your Move

Monday, May 10th, 2010

A couple of months back we started to see For Sale signs pop up on lawns all over the Fraser Valley. The local real estate market seems to be booming as the weather brightens up and people are snapping up the properties. Seeing as lots of locals will be moving during the Fraser Valley’s warmer months, we thought this was a good time to introduce you to an environmentally-conscious local moving supply company.

It’s Your Move was founded in 2007 by Eric Davis and Carrie Dhensaw.  During one of their own moves, the Surrey couple noted how difficult it was to find boxes to pack with.  They drove all over town collecting a couple of boxes from here, another few from there. Carrie decided she would look into buying some new boxes to use, but was shocked at their cost.  Realizing there must be a better way, this husband & wife team put on their entrepreneurial hats and founded It’s Your Move.

How does it work?  You simply give them a call and the crates and containers are dropped off a couple of weeks before your move, then picked up a couple of weeks after your move, or sooner if you are finished with them.  Easy as that!  One can enjoy a great discount of 25% if you pick up the boxes in North Langley at a convenient location just off Highway 1.

Convenience was what drove Eric & Carrie to create this solution, but not at the expense of the environment.  It’s Your Move supplies its clients with black plastic crates made from post-consumer material.  After 10-12 years, the crates will be returned to the manufacturer to be recycled themselves.  They are also encouraging the use of environmentally-friendly packing supplies such as Geami paper (seen below), rather than traditional bubble wrap (which is also available).  Need a wardrobe box, dolly or door frame protectors?  They’ve got those, too!

The crates supplied by It’s Your Move are really versatile.  Not only are they great for residential moves, legal and letter-size hanging file inserts make it a perfect solution for office moves.  Insert a zap strap or cable lock through the sides and you have a secure system to move your office files.

Carrie did some quick math to determine how many tons of waste would have been produced in 2009, based on MLS stats and average box usage.  Her estimate was 365,380 boxes which is equal to 474,994 pounds or 215.46 tons of boxes in residential moves, just in Surrey/White Rock!  Imagine how much waste could be saved if they’d all use reusable containers. Something to think about, for sure.  And not just for moving, but our everyday consumption.

It’s Your Move supplies moving materials for moves from Chilliwack to Horseshoe Bay.

LOVE what you’re doing Eric & Carrie – keep up the good work :)

It’s Your Move
Ring: 604.835.PACK

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  1. this is a fabulous idea for moving just about anything anywhere!

    Caryn Zimmerman
    Independent Business Owner
    YouthJuice Abbotsford (Fraser Valley BC)

  2. anna says:

    LOVE it! will definately use this service when we do our next move:-)

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