Spotlight: March 1/10 – Freetoes

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Entrepreneurs and innovators come in all shapes, sizes, genders and ages.  This week’s Pulse Spotlight entrepreneur is nine years old, with a successful local business that’s being recognized internationally.  Katelyn’s business is called Freetoes and we can’t wait to introduce this savvy entrepreneur to you all!

When she was just eight years old, explained Katelyn, she used to wear her flip flops year-round.  Living here on the West coast made for some pretty chilly feet at certain times of the year.  Katelyn used to ask her Mom if she could wear her socks with the flip flops.  The answer was always no. One day she took matters into her own hands and cut the toes off a pair of her socks, creating a warm foot while still sporting her favourite flip flops.

Arriving at school with this cool new fashion trend made Katelyn an instant fashion icon with her peers.  Requests started to fly in, and at the end of the day Katelyn had several orders.  “What a great lesson she’ll learn,” was the first though of her parents, who helped their enterprising daugher prepare a few more creations for school the next few days – where she made $100 in 3 days.  They highly encouraged her ‘little business’ and entered to run a table at her elementary school’s country market.  After seeing the reaction and how fast Freetoes were flying off the table, they knew Katelyn had created something great!

Freetoes are available in salons and spas throughout the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland.  New retailers are being added all the time as this exciting company of sock sensations continues to grow.

Freetoes are fun, colourful and available in approximately 40 different patterns at any one time.  They’re not just for keeping your feet warm with flip flops – they’re being scooped up by dancers, yogis and especially spas.  No more leaving the spas with slippery, cold feet after a pedicure!  Freetoes are the perfect solution!  We think you’ll be seeing these in every local spa, sooner than later.  And not only local – Freetoes have been sent to New Mexico, Saskatoon – even across the pond to England.

We asked Katelyn for some advice.  What if we knew of someone who had a great idea, be it a product or service, but they just weren’t sure/confident that it would take off as a business.  What would her advice be to this person?  Her answer was that you should just go for it!  The fairs and marketing opportunities she’s enjoyed while sharing her innovative product with others is just so much fun.  Katelyn says meeting new people and seeing them fall in love with her innovative product is really great.  So there you have it!  If your entrepreneurial spirit is fired up, regardless of your age or circumstance, give it a go!

Freetoes have been through a few changes since the first prototypes.  Katelyn’s grandmother has been sewing these little gems since the beginning (yay, Oma!), but the company is growing so quickly they are sorting out a larger manufacturing set up. Exciting!

It was fun to meet such a vibrant, creative local entrepreneur.  We think you’ve got a really bright future ahead of you, Katelyn.  Congratulations on your fabulous idea and keep at it!


8 Responses to “Spotlight: March 1/10 – Freetoes”

  1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful local story! Congratulations Katelyn on having a winning idea and going for it! You are an inspiration :)

  2. Janelle Morrison says:

    Such an amazing story she truly is an amazing little girl with big ideas!! =0)

  3. Christine B says:

    Very awesome Katelyn! I went to school with your mom, and I’m so proud of you and her for getting this amazing opportunity in life! You Go Girl!

  4. laya surt says:

    are these specially made and finished ‘without toes’ or are they just socks with the toes cut off? cute idea though.

  5. Kayci G says:

    K seriously AWESOME!!! Way to go girl!! I wear flipflops ALL the time!!! I need to get me some of these!!!

  6. FVP Admin says:

    Oh yes, they are properly finished toeless socks.

  7. Anyssa says:

    good job guys. It reminds me of one of the first websites I ever saw..

    It has evolved abit since then but we all need socks on the west coast!

  8. Tana says:

    I love it! Keep creating, Katelyn.

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