Spotlight: June 7, 2010 – The Town Butcher

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

It used to be that people shopped at local food producers: farms, butchers, dairies.  Then came the big box revolution where unfortunately more than a little bit of food quality was lost. In recent years, the population is seeking healthier alternatives – slow food, no fillers, locally produced.  We’re educating ourselves more and going back to the way of decades past.  One local butcher shop is doing a stellar job at capturing that community feel of the old-time butcher shops while stylishly captivating a 2010 audience.  The Town Butcher in Chilliwack is one of our Valley’s shining gems!

Liv & Bill Turnbull are a young, dynamic couple who have combined their entrepreneurial spirit with their individual skills to create an awesome local business.  Bill had trained as a butcher and always knew he’d open his own shop one day.  When his dream became a reality, wife Liv jumped on board with enthusiasm and excitement about creating a beautiful space.

We love how Liv has decorated The Town Butcher. Ever seen gorgeous chandeliers hanging above cuts of meat? You will here! Uptown glamour meets old world charm - indeed. Liv has pulled from her background in interior design and created a warm, inviting, beautiful shop. We especially enjoy the photos of old Chilliwack butchers shops hanging on the walls.  Liv obtained them from the Chilliwack archives and says it is she & Bill’s nod to the old-time butchers who stood for community, product knowledge and trust.

Chatting with Liv & Bill was so refreshing – they really do support local, in every way.  “It blows my mind,” she explained, “that we have access to all these local farms & agriculture and that more people don’t use it!”  We couldn’t agree more.

At The Town Butcher you’ll find fresh hormone-free local beef, pork, chicken, turkey and lamb, all from within 50 km.  They also carry some AAA Alberta beef and buffalo steaks and, in the summer, fresh halibut and salmon. Butcher Bill prepares the cuts of meat on-site and through his work station window you can watch him in action. To compliment the butcher shop is a great deli section with fresh, delicious selections of salads, side dishes and more. Liv says employee Andrea is the force behind the fabulous deli recipes – she sure was busy creating when we visited!

We couldn’t resist one of The Town Butcher’s biggest sellers: the maui ribs.  They prepare 8 full racks each day and are always sold out. Let us just say that there’s no secret as to why – they are so yummy.  We also hear Bill’s specialty is sausages made from local, hormone-free meats.  25 flavours, no fillers… we’ll have to check those out next time.

Every week there is a new theme section in the deli. When we visited it was Indian week: fresh homemade mango salsa, coconut curry pork kebabs, baked chicken samosas, garam masala baked salmon. Variety is top of mind with Liv & Bill; the selection at The Town Butcher changes daily.

Liv & Bill are all about community, about creating trusting relationships with their customers.  From whole sides of meat to custom freezer packs based on your family’s favourites, The Town Butcher works with their customers to ensure you’re serving healthy, tasty meats to your family. Reading through their guest book shows how loved The Town Butcher and its team are loved by all, including the young visitors.  This great praise reads: I like this store. I really like your ambrosia salad and your twice baked potatoes look good. We’re going to get farmers sausage and twice baked potatoes.

Definitely check out The Town Butcher if you’re in the neighbourhood.  You won’t be disappointed. Thanks, Liv & Bill, for your commitment to good food, great community and making shopping for meat an enjoyable experience!

The Town Butcher
46298 Yale Road East, Chilliwack
Ring: 604.701.6328

8 Responses to “Spotlight: June 7, 2010 – The Town Butcher”

  1. Denise Cochran says:

    I have been a loyal customer and biggest fan of The Town Butcher since they opened. I have been searching out organic foods for 30 years, before it was fashionable, and was delighted that Bill and Liv could supply hormone-free natural meat from animals raised ethically. I encourage everyone I meet to switch to naturally raised animals and away from commercially produced meat for a multitude of reasons (not enough space here) including improving the health of your family and having compassion for the animals.

  2. Sandy Seib says:

    An excellent place to get the best of service along with top quality food. Well written article….they really are a treasure in the Valley.

  3. Barb Kolkman says:

    I love the Town Butcher…awesome food, awesome service…awesome people. I love the quality of the food and the variety. Things are all fresh and well displayed. They always have something for my dinner party or just a night at home. They have great ideas and suggestions. The theme weeks have been amazing…Indian…so good…can’t wait for the next one. I love supporting local people and local product. Way to go Bill & guys are awesome!

  4. David Kosub says:

    The writer of the Town Butcher article certainly understood your mission statement. A person has only to shop at your store once to become a regular. I know, it happened to me. I can’t say any more as the article summed it all up. Hard to believe that your store has been around for almost two years. Who would have thought?

  5. Chrissy says:

    Kinda makes me wish I lived in Chilliwack, but will have to check it out next time I’m going through!

  6. Claire Prong says:

    How wonderfully delighted I was to meet Liv & Bill and to see first hand their beautifully decorated store…yes the chandeliers are classy. It thrills me to no end that many are turning to hormone-free meats making a healthier choice . A votre sante everyone!
    Well done Liv & Bill! See you next time I stop in to see your mom!

  7. Jacqui says:

    Love this place so much! The attention to quality and detail is outstanding.

  8. Liv Turnbull says:

    Kristi, thanks so much for taking the time out to come meet us and see what we do. We love the article, and are so pleased that you were able to get a feel for who we are, and what we’re about. Thanks again for all you do to keep us informed about what’s going on in our community; we feel so privilaged to be part of the latest news! :)

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