Spotlight: June 14, 2010 – Moon Masterpieces

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Move over boring fruit and veggie platters!  We’ve found a cool local company creating beautiful fruit and vegetable masterpieces. Melons are being transformed into flowers, veggies into leaves… impressive one-of-a-kind produce creations are making their way onto tables all throughout the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver!

Moon Masterpieces in White Rock is the joint venture of Jason Gontier and Chef Moon.

Jason & Moon met several years ago through a mutual friend while they were both working in Las Vegas.  Chef Moon worked at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas, providing his signature carvings for buffets, conferences and hotel guests.  Jason’s background is well rounded in all areas of hospitality, mostly as a Training Director for front-of-house staff and customer service.  The two have always talked about starting a business together: Moon’s creativity in the kitchen matched with Jason’s management background – a perfect combo.  When it was time to move on from Vegas, B.C. was their chosen destination. Lucky us!

Besides the fabulous fruit and veggie creations, Moon Masterpieces offers healthy and delicious fresh lunch options.  Fresh salad rolls, burritos and many other delights are available throughout the day.  Frozen dishes such as traditional Thai curries, soups and chicken dishes are also available to take home.  Moon Masterpieces offer a variety of catering options – Thai-fusion canapes, ‘traditional’ sandwich platters to gourmet tapas creations, for groups of any size.

Individual fruit creations (think thank you, birthday, congratulations gifts) start at just $39. With the intricacies of the work involved to make these, we were pleasantly surprised with their pricing.  Moon Masterpieces is a huge hit at kid’s birthday parties, weddings and other banquets.  A healthy offering that looks great!

Would you like to learn how to create one of these masterpieces yourself?  Chef Moon offers 3 hour carving classes where you will leave with a carved melon and the know-how to impress the guests at your next dinner party.  Sounds like a fun night out for a group of friends – or even a fun date night!

We’ll definitely be ordering from Moon Masterpieces when we next host an event.  Thanks for bringing your great talent and company to our neck of the woods, Jason & Moon!

Moon Masterpieces
1407 Johnston Road, White Rock
Ring: 778.294.4321

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