Spotlight: July 26, 2010 – Alouette Fresh

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

A purpley-blue sweet sphere. Duke. Toro. Blue Jay. Enjoyed by humans, bears and birds alike. What is it we speak of? The blueberry, of course!

There is nothing quite like a plump, sweet or a small, tart blueberry.  We are blessed to live in the Fraser Valley where blueberries are abundant and farmers have perfected the crops of these delicious berries. Many years we find our freezers stacked with fresh blueberries collected from the local farms during the summer. This year will be no different, we’re sure.

Now in their 18th year of growing blueberries, the folks at Alouette Tree Farm have just opened AlouetteFresh. AlouetteFresh is a smoothie and fresh blueberry shack located at 23082 132nd Avenue in Maple Ridge.  Conveniently located at the roadside, this sweet little gem is somewhere quick, easy and awfully lovely to visit! Juicy smoothies are quickly prepared as you wait – a perfect summer refreshment. True Blue is for the blueberry lover and is only $2.25 including tax. The other flavours include a variety of other fruits and cost just $3.99.

You will find the freshest, loveliest blueberries at AlouetteFresh for just $1.99/lb and live blueberry plants are available for purchase as well. The fresh blueberries you buy from Alouette Tree Farm and AlouetteFresh are picked that morning or the morning before only. After that, the little delights meet the freezer and become ready for you to enjoy seasonal berries in any season! Blueberries are available May through September because they grow 10 different varieties. So if you’re looking for a specific berry to bake with or eat on its own or to put in compotes, etc – AlouetteFresh can hook you up with exactly what you’re after.

Every Friday these lovely folks deliver blueberries throughout the Lower Mainland to smoothie bars, local restaurants and individuals who really like blueberries :) You can order your blueberries online – so 2010!  Alouette Tree Farm and AlouetteFresh are supplying blueberries that are truly local, grown in Pitt Meadows and Port Coquitlam only.  No cross-country or cross-border travels for these little fine fruits.

We are thrilled to have found AlouetteFresh and Alouette Tree Farm.  We will be back for the pumpkin patch in October and Santa’s workshop and holiday trees in December! Lots of fun going on at this Maple Ridge gem! Be sure to check it out. We are also impressed by the generousity of this local company, who is very supportive of the Friends in Need Food Bank. Any donation that is made at AlouetteFresh, up to $1000, is matched by Alouette Tree Farm!

We tried the True Blue smoothie, since blueberries are a favourite!  It was refreshing, tasty and blueberry-tastic! It’s hot outside and we are sure you and your family could use a smoothie to cool down. Please leave a comment below to be entered to win smoothies for you and your family/friends (up to 5). A great way to cool off in this beautiful summer sunshine! Winner will be announced August 6, 2010.

23082 132nd Avenue, Maple Ridge
Ring: 604.866.7413

Contributor: Kristi Ferguson

Kristi Ferguson is the Founder & Editor of The Pulse. Her company, Double You, offers online communications consulting, project management and event planning. Kristi is a proud mama who loves to explore, shop, laugh & create. She is passionate about promoting all things local. Twitter: @pulseblogonline @MrsKFergie

24 Responses to “Spotlight: July 26, 2010 – Alouette Fresh”

  1. tamara says:

    Mmmm, sounds like a fun place to stop on the way to Golden Ears. I love blueberries!

  2. Maureen says:

    Since they are right around the corner from me (literally), and we’ve been meaning to go and try their smoothies out – and they do have the most delicious blueberries – this seems like the perfect day to do just that! Your article has reminded me to stop procrastinating! :)

  3. Chris says:

    Two treats at one stop and so good for you!

  4. Heidi says:

    Our family goes bananas for blueberries!

  5. Rachael says:

    I love blueberries!

  6. MMM MMM MMM The best of the berries

  7. Lori says:

    The only thing that could improve this is if raspberries were offered as well. Nothing like oh-so-fresh local berries in the summer!

  8. Lori E says:

    Perfect timing to get this newsletter because I was just looking for some place local to buy some.
    It would seem you can’t order the fresh ones on the web site right now as it says they are not ready. I am emailing them for their availability list.

  9. Jade says:

    Mmmm! I LOVE blueberries! We eat so many in our house it’s ridiculous!
    Like that they support such a good cause as well! :)

  10. char says:

    looks blue berry delicious!!!

  11. Erin says:

    looks fantastic – worth a trip out there!

  12. maria says:

    Sounds yummy!!!

  13. Michelle says:

    Yummers! This is the kind of thing I’d drive a distance for. I think I will, & soon! :)

  14. Lori —
    Thanks for bringing to my attention that our website wasn’t up to date! I’ve fixed it :). Cheers!

  15. Nicole says:

    The Strawberry Summer smoothie is to die for… I find myself going out of my way to swing by AlouetteFresh to pick one up!

  16. Maria says:

    Perfect combo…I love smoothies and berries — blueberries are my favourites….too bad they are only in season for a short time.

  17. Jamie Gee says:

    Mmmmm!! MY FLAVOURITE!!! Can’t wait to come and check you out!!

  18. Tina says:

    We buy blueberries 10 lbs at a time and they seldom make it to the freezer. Good to know about AlouetteFresh.

  19. April D says:

    While we’re headed up to Golden Ears tomorrow, I’ll be sure to stop in and try one of those smoothies!

  20. Helen says:

    My Favorite Fruit is Blueberries!

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  22. Kelly says:

    I live in Maple Ridge and never knew they existed. Better go and find them now….

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