Spotlight: January 10, 2011: Elemental Canine

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

It’s not hard nowadays to find healthy dining options, to find knowledgeable people who can help us eat smarter and fuel our bodies with nutritious foods. But how about for our pets? In our experience, a trip to the big box pet stores does not equal many healthy options for them.

Elemental Canine in Cloverdale has a fabulous commitment to providing healthy options for pets. A veterinarian assistant for several years, owner Lisa Robinson commits herself to helping people find healthy food and treat options for their fur babies. The Cloverdale pet boutique carries raw food (human quality ingredients) and healthy kibble options. Lisa says a lot of her time is spent counseling visitors on the right raw protein types for their dogs, or how to create balanced home-cooked meals. And it’s true: every time we visit, there is a constant stream of people coming in for just that!

Elemental Canine is fun. The bright store is pet-friendly, provided they are well behaved and leashed. The store doggy, Ruby, will greet you all with a sniff and a snort. You will find great products and accessories such as Thundershirt, custom crate covers, hypo-allergenic shampoos, toothbrushes with natural toothpaste, eco-friendly pet waste bags, fluffy pet beds, Cesar Milan training aids and stylish harnesses. Custom cakes, even for dogs with allergies, are available for order as well. Fun!

Once a month a local homeopathic veterinarian hosts seminars at Elemental Canine, sharing alternative therapies and discussions on all things around raising a healthy, happy pet. Contact the boutique for seminar topics and times.

It’s nice to see a place close to home that is so committed to providing healthy options for our furry companions. If you have a question about pet nutrition or you’re looking for unique pet accessories, we highly recommend a visit to Elemental Canine.

Elemental Canine
3 –  5723 176th Street, Surrey
Ring: 604.575.2614

Contributor: Kristi Ferguson

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