Pulse Spotlight, September 28/09 – Hallowville Manor

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Vampires, pirates, zombies and witches – Tanya Nahal told us these are the top Halloween costumes for 2009. And she would know!  As the owner of the terrific Hallowville Manor, Tanya has the inside scoop on all things spooky, festive and fun for Halloween!

Hallowville Manor, Fort Langley

Hallowville Manor is set in the delightful village of Fort Langley.  Year-round, one can visit this funky shop to rent/purchase costumes, punk wear and unique accessories.  Men, women, boys and girls – there’s something for everyone at Hallowville Manor.  Tanya travels all over to find suppliers of unique, fun costumes but also showcases her own sewing skills at Hallowville Manor. Tanya’s passion is creating, and she sews fabulous pieces for Halloween, parties, ballet schools… anyone needing a costume!  You’ll also find great accessories from local companies such as Wicked Purses, which are a perfect fit for this shop.  One of the most unique items we found at Hallowville Manor were these amazing handmade witch hats, created during therapy time by patients in an Arizona hospital.  Aren’t they great?!  Here’s a pic of Tanya modeling one below, hee hee.

Hallowville Manor, Fort Langley

For months we’ve looked forward to asking Tanya how one comes to own a costume shop?!  The story of this Fraser Valley entrepreneur blows us away.  Tanya worked as a parking lot attendant for 19 years!  During the long, often slow days of work, Tanya would use her time to create.  Everything from woodworking to sewing to fashioning disco balls – Tanya did this all from her parking lot booth! Regular parking clients would stop by to see what Tanya’s current projects were… she even met her husband after he offered some supplies to one of her creative endeavors.  Her artistic spirit always knew her ideal job would allow her to sew, create and share.  Tanya had dreams of a store, but wasn’t entirely sure if it would exclusively showcase her sewing talents or what exactly it would look like.  It wasn’t until Tanya’s friend let her know of an available shop that it all became clear.  With her husband’s full support, it all came together in just 24 hours – clearly meant to be! We love this story!!

Hallowville Manor, Fort Langley

Stop in and check out this intriguingly quirky shop for the best Halloween costume ideas, accessories and advice.  One of our favourites: Mom ‘n daughter matching fairy costumes!  Tanya is versed on all things Halloween and is full of creative ideas. Part of what we love best about Hallowville Manor is that it’s open year-round!  We first visited Tanya in April when we needed something fabulous for a Spring costume party.  Whether it’s a costumed soiree, a themed wedding, stag/stagette or ballet recital, visit Hallowville Manor to find a unique outfit!  

Hallowville Manor
9148 Glover Road, Fort Langley
Ring: 604.881.9555 

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