Pulse Spotlight, October 19/09 – MTF Price Matters

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

If you live in the Fraser Valley, you have an MTF Price Matters store near you… have you been?  MTF is a discount centre that sells manufacturer/retail clear-out items, as well as some refurbished pieces. What does all of that mean?  Big savings for us locals!  

At MTF Price Matters stores you’ll find everything from canned food to arcade games, brand name furniture to photo frames, tools, cleaning supplies, clothing, stationary, toys and holiday decorations. Items are collected through big box company clear outs, returns or end-of-line products, which are then marked below market value.  Stock is constantly changing, so every visit to MTF Price Matters is a unique shopping experience!

Mark Funk of MTF Price Matters

Mark Funk (above) and his business partner started the business in 1984 with the help of their fathers. Mark’s father was the butcher at Funks Foods… if you’ve lived in the Valley for some time, you’ll remember Funks Foods, which closed in 2008 after 50 years in business.

We asked Mark what his favourite part of running the business is, after all this time.  He says he loves the interaction, with vendors and with staff, as well as collaboration and continuing to learn as the company grows.  Mark says he enjoys the challenge of receiving the new products as well.  Most shipments are a complete surprise, they don’t know exactly what will be arriving with each shipment. Every product then has to be inspected, priced and merchandised.  We imagine that to be quite fun actually, like constantly receiving surprise presents!


Giving back is very important to the owners and staff of MTF Price Matters.  Every Thursday night, products from MTF (food, health/beauty supplies) are taken to Vancouver’s downtown east side, and distributed to those less fortunate.  Great to hear!

Be sure to sign up to their weekly newsletter – the deals will arrive straight in your inbox!  Or check out each of the Fraser Valley MTF Discount stores in Maple RidgeSurreyLangley (South)Langley (North)Abbotsford and Chilliwack.


3 Responses to “Pulse Spotlight, October 19/09 – MTF Price Matters”

  1. Marcy Risberg says:

    I purchased a DLP 61 inch RCA television from MTF Price Matters on April 13, 2009. I was going to purchase the extended warranty for it but the store would not let me because they said that they don’t sell the extended warranty for that TV. The person that sold me the TV said that the only thing that could possibly go wrong with that TV was the bulb. A month ago the bulb went on the TV. That was in July 2010. We replaced it. This last Sunday, September 5, 2010 the TV was doing weird things. The colours were changing on the picture and then the screen would go black, then it would come back on, go back off after about a minute, then finally the screen just went to a pure bright white with black specks and a thick black line. The warranty on the TV was a year and the TV lasted a year and four months. Now it is garbage. The parts on the TV have been discontinued, and RCA and the affiliated company working with RCA have went bankrupt. It sounds as though they may have known this when I went to buy the TV (or they probably would have sold me the extended warranty on it) and decided not to tell me. They only have a call center in Manila now, making it look as though the business is actually functioning. I called the supervisor Paul Funk at Langley head office and he said he had two TV’s at head office. He was selling them both for $499. One had a damaged screen and he said the other one was “perfect”. I asked if could give me more of a discount since I paid $850 for the original TV. He said he could give me 10% off the damaged one but not the other one. I decided that I didn’t want to pay that much and if the company really cared about their customer they would give me one of those TV’s, instead they are trying to soak more of a profit from the situation. Needless to say I am very upset and I will never purchase anything from MTF Price Matters again and I will tell everyone I know what they did.

  2. Anjie says:

    I agree. Don’t buy anything here!! I bought several appliances with extended warranties and neither did the false warranty or MTF stand behind there product. I called Paul Funk several times and he never returned called or even seemed to care. Bad, Bad service and product.

  3. Cathy says:

    Wow! I just saw these when I was sufing around and I can’t believe these comments. I’ve been shopping at MTF since back in the day when they started up in Surrey. I shop at one of their stores or online at least once a week. I’ve bought food, clothing, video games, game consol’s, small appliances, a TV,… well pretty much everything they carry and I’ve had an issue with one item that I had purchased online. I gave them a call and it was taken care of right away! In the 20ish years I’ve been shopping with them the service has always been fantastic!
    I especially love the online shopping, I can shop online at my leisure and pick up my order at any store within the next couple of days. I can even order something for my son and have it delivered to the Kamloops store for him to pick up there.
    Seriously, I’ve recommended MTF to friends and family and pretty much everyone I know shops there on a regular basis.
    I’m sorry that you had a bad experience but this is the first time I’ve heard anything negative about them.

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