Pulse Spotlight, November 2/09 – James & Sarah Avender

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

We met up with this fabulous husband and wife entrepreneur team a few weeks back.  Now that Halloween is over, we feel it’s fair game to start talking about the holidays, hee hee :)  

Every year, we seem to be later and later getting our Christmas lights up.  And when we do, it’s a few sad strings of plain blue lights with a token few missing ones.  It takes us all day, and we end up with a fair number of war wounds along the way. Imagine a company whose mission and job it is to ensure your holiday light displays are bright, crisp, complete and fabulous. That’s exactly what James & Sarah Avender do for a living – how fun!

James & Sarah Avender, Lighting Specialists

We’ve heard of companies who will install your own holiday lights on your home, but what James and Sarah offer their clients is so much more… it’s fantastic!  Essentially their clients ‘rent’ a lighting display for the holidays.  It means they can keep on top of the quality of each and every bulb, and ensure they are installing safe, quality bulbs in your display.  Perhaps the best part of their service offering?  They also come and take it all down!  

Besides Christmas lights, James & Sarah also install animated displays and other lighting requests for weddings, Halloween, Chinese New Year and corporate events .  Check out the gallery of their work here on their website.  

How did this dynamic duo create such an exciting career for themselves?  James has over a decade of experience in lighting installation and lift/ladder work, along with many years of electrical education at BCIT.  Sarah brings a strong business background and a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree to the team.  In 2005, they combined their talents and began offering these services. They say it’s a lot of work for a few months each year, but the smiles on their clients faces make it all worth it.


James & Sarah’s lighting specialist services are available from Whistler to Hope, for both residential and commercial properties.  As you can imagine, the holidays are a busy time for them, so call soon to book your holiday light displays!  Whether you are looking for a fairly conservative residential display, or a large property with a desire to go ‘all out’, James & Sarah will put together something to make you the envy of all your neighbours.  

James & Sarah Avender, Lighting Specialists
Ring: 604.818.4370

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