Pulse Spotlight, November 16/09 – ChocolaTas

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

‘Tis the season for gifts and treats.  Hostess gifts, Secret Santa exchanges, a little something for hairdressers/teachers, stocking stuffers or something special for your loved ones – these are all the perfect occasion to gift someone the sweet goodness of chocolate.  We are blessed with some great sweet companies and chocolatiers out here in the Fraser Valley. We’re thrilled to share one of our favourites with you this week: Wim & Veve Tas of Abbotsford’s ChocolaTas.  We recently sat down with Veve for a great chat, then took a tour of the factory to see Maitre Chocolatier Wim in action.  

Veve & Wim Tas of Chocolatas

ChocolaTas opened its doors in Abbotsford in 2002, and the story behind their opening is inspiring! Wim had been working in his family’s auto business in Belgium, where he & Veve are from.  Many factors contributed to him looking down a new career path, including the fact that people are never in a good mood when they have to come and get their vehicles repaired!  Once Wim had made up his mind to become a Chocolatier, he went for it!  He attended evening courses while still working with his family, until it was time for him to complete his full time apprenticeship.  When he had completed his apprenticeship, Wim & Veve decided to move from Belgium, as there is a chocolate shop on every corner in Belgium and they wanted to head somewhere with greater opportunity.  They made a list of ‘must haves’ for their new home, one of the most important points being a desirable climate for chocolate making. Their chosen country was Canada, more specifically the Fraser Valley!  Lucky us!

Wim & Veve started the ChocolaTas company from their home immediately upon their arrival from Belgium in 2002.  Veve recalls boxes of chocolate, ingredients and packaging throughout every room of their home! The right space eventually presented itself in Abbotsford, where they produce the chocolates and have a factory outlet store.  The warehouse of packaging and supplies alone is massive! In September 2008 ChocolaTas opened their retail chocolate store onVancouver’s Granville Island.  

Chocolate shoe creation at Chocolatas

From high heel shoes to totem poles, airplanes to all kinds of other intricate edible art designs, ChocolaTas impresses. The art on the Masterpieces collection, inspired by a trip to a Brussels art gallery, are simply beautiful! ChocolaTas uses no preservatives and does not add excess sugar to their chocolates. You can really taste the difference between these artisan hand-made chocolates to ones that are mass produced.  

Wim’s individual chocolate creations are the most fabulous, luscious little gems.  Our new favourite is the Jasmine, as well as Romana, Kyoto Cherry Rose and Rosette.  Click here to check out all of the individual ChocolaTas chocolate creations. Which ones would you choose??

Chocolate wine cups from Chocolatas

Don’t take our word for how delicious ChocolaTas treats are – head down there yourself to sample a few and pick up something scrumptious for everyone on your holiday shopping list.  The chocolate wine cups are another great find from ChocolaTas - with wine they are divine, but you could also put just about any beverage in them!  We’d like to offer a box of these deliciously fun chocolate cups to one of our great subscribers, so you can also see how fun/tasty they are!  Please leave a comment on this post or send a quick note to win@fraservalleypulse.com.  Draw will take place November 30th. Good luck!

Thanks for the tour of the chocolate factory, Veve & Wim!  You two are lovely and we’re so glad you brought your talents to the Fraser Valley!  It’s refreshing and inspiring to see how much fun you’re having :)  Continued success to you!

Veve & Wim Tas of Chocolatas

101 – 31060 Peardonville Road, Abbotsford
Ring: 604.504.5957 


On Granville Island, inside the Public Market
Ring: 604.488.1226 

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