Pulse Spotlight, May 18/09 – Westcoast Baby

Monday, May 18th, 2009

First things first, we have some winners to announce!  Congratulations to Cheryl, who won a Summer Wine Tasting Party from West Coast Wine Education, and to Cindy who won 2 tickets to BC’s Wines Uncorked!  An email has been sent to the winners.

And now… Westcoast Baby!


Amanda Moat & Nicole Vaslot were both on maternity leave with their second children when a frustration turned to inspiration. Westcoast Baby started with the infant kimono gown idea in 2004, and has grown to products being sold in over 100 retail locations across Canada and the U.S.

Both ladies say they are most proud of their unique infant kimono designs.  Nicole explained the inspiration for the design came from the unattractive gowns given to babies at the hospitals.  They wanted to create something practical, hip and attractive.  And that they have – the infant kimono gowns come in three infant sizes, and they are simply adorable.  The vibrant colours and patterns used for the swaddlers, blankets and other items are so great.  We love the wasabi, mandarin and fuchsia!  We also love that all Westcoast Baby items are either made in the Abbotsford shop, or manufactured elsewhere in Canada.

store20001photo-shoot-088-708-x-1064This past April 1st, Westcoast Baby opened their first retail shop in Abbotsford!  A fantastic achievement/milestone for their business! The shop is colourful, inviting and easy to browse through.  The new Westcoast Baby shop is right on the strip where the Berrybeat Festival will take place July 4th & 5th this year.  Be sure to stop in with your little one during this event, where Revival Arts Studio will be taking photographs to find the next Westcoast Baby model!

Westcoast Baby has recently brought in cloth diapers, and is the only place in Abbotsford where one can purchase cloth diapers in-store.  And these are not your old-school beige cloth diapers! They are all the colours of the rainbow, with bright white snap buttons – super cute!

Congratulations on your new shop, Nicole & Amanda.  Keep doing what you’re doing – we love your story and your brilliant designs!

Westcoast Baby
2628 Montrose Avenue, Abbotsford
Ring: 604.746.1138 

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