Pulse Spotlight, June 1/09 – The Crazy Cake Lady

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

We are sad to report that The Crazy Cake Lady has folded their business in January 2011.

We just love fresh, home made, moist cake.  At the Ridge Meadows Home Show this year, we found one of the most delicious cakes we’ve ever tried. The Crazy Cake Lady was serving up chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, and WOW were they ever good!  The sight of pretty cupcakes lured us to The Crazy Cake Lady’s booth, but it was the incredible cake creations that made us stay a while.  Check them out – we’ve had a terrible time figuring out which pictures to use in this feature – they are all so creative!

designer_newToby & Francine have both been baking for their family and friends for years. With three kids each, these ladies wanted to start a business.  What better way to spend time with the kids, and do something they love.  Toby describes their business name as a perfect fit for their personalities.  “We laugh a lot, ” she says.  And what a great business to be involved in.  A cake is always part of a celebration, the focal point of an event or festivity!  It’s hard to compete with grocery stores who bake cakes en masse, using lesser quality ingredients to keep costs down.  But no preservatives or anything artificial makes its way into a Crazy Cake Lady cake.  “Everything in our cakes, you have in your refrigerator,” says Toby.  That’s what we like to hear!

n547130378_1981108_2979When asked if she had a recent favourite creation, Toby said it was hard to choose.  “Baby shower cakes,” she explained, “Those are always cute and fun to make.”  Some that stands out recently are a Canucks jersey-wearing Barbie for a 3 year old little girl who is a huge Canucks fan.  A crab cake made for Costco’s cake walk to benefit the BC Children’s Hospital was fun to create as well.  Toby says they laughed all the way through that one.
n547130378_2414630_4631From simple cupcake designs to over-the-top awesome Barbie & teacup cake creations, Toby & Francine exceed the call for creativity with each and every order.  Browse through their website and facebook group, and you’ll see why we had a hard time choosing which ones to showcase. Visit The Crazy Cake Lady on Facebook to learn more about their great Father’s Day special… get Dad a shirt & tie he’ll really enjoy this year!
Ladies, your designs are so fabulous.  We can’t wait to call you for our next cake-worthy celebration!
The Crazy Cake Lady
Serving Ridge Meadows & the Fraser Valley
Ring: 604.313.9855


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