Pulse Spotlight, July 6, 2009 – Fresh-N Home Products/Diva Diamondz

Sunday, July 5th, 2009
Every week we are thrilled to find such creative entrepreneurs in our Fraser Valley.  This week is no exception – this wonderful Fraser Valley entrepreneur identified a need, made connections to make it happen, and runs a growing, successful company… just down the road from FraserValleyPulse.com headquarters!      

A little over three years ago, Wendy Ratel was at a networking event, chit chatting with a few peers, complaining how bad her van smelled due to the sports equipment of her three active children. Someone heard her complaint, and introduced Wendy to a volcanic mineral called Zeolite.  Wendy was instantly intrigued, and set out to learn more about the 150 varieties of zeolite. As she researched, Wendy realized there was definitely an opportunity to use this mineral as an odor eater/moisture wicker… and thus, her amazing products were created!  At a crossroads in life, wondering what to do ‘when she grew up’, Wendy took this new idea and ran with it. The first time Wendy introduced these gems at a ringette event, she sold a couple of hundred pieces.

Three years later, Fresh-N Home Products is growing strong.  You may recognize Diva Diamondz, one of Wendy’s first products.  These amazing, reusable moisture/odor eaters, along with Gentleman Gems and Sportz Gemz have been the mainstay of Wendy’s business up until now.  As of this summer, there are new products added to the Fresh N Home Products line.  Fridge Fresh-N replaces the tired box of baking soda, Crisper Fresh-N absorbs ethylene gas of fresh produce, helping them stay crisper for longer.  Anywhere that gets smelly,Fresh-N Home Products is tackling!  Sports equipmentpetscarsshoes… think of all the chemicals we’ve all seen/tried over the years, trying to cover up mold/wet/sweat smells… how wonderful to have a new, easy-to-use product to do this naturally.  And from a local entrepreneur! Love it!

One of the coolest features of the Fresh N Home products is that they are reusable.  Simply place in the sunshine a couple of times per year, and they are recharged!

Diva Diamondz can be found at shops throughout the Fraser Valley. Retailers and market shows will be carrying the new Fresh-N Home products as of August 1st, though they are now available to order online. All you fabulous folks are invited to enter to win some eco-friendly, odor & moisture-busting goodness! Please email win@fraservalleypulse.com, title FRESH… winner will be announced July 13 on our blog.
Fresh-N Home Products/Diva Diamondz
Langley, BC
Ring: 604.671.1031

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