Pulse Spotlight, July 13/09 – Chilliwack River Rafting

Sunday, July 12th, 2009
We think one of the most beautiful sights and sounds of the Fraser Valley is the roaring Chilliwack River.  It’s bluey green colours and great white rapids sparkle on a sunny day.  How amazingly lucky we are to have folks like Russ Brown of Chilliwack River Rafting, who create a fun and safe way for us to enjoy the glory of the river.  

In 1981, Russ Brown began his career on this mighty Chilliwack River, at a riverside resort called “River Rapids”.  In 1995, Russ took over the business, and founded Chilliwack River Rafting.

NO experience is necessary to go river rafting.  The trips range from easy to challenging, it’s your choice.  The Chilliwack Classic trip is suitable for beginners or experienced rafters, and is available year-round. The Chilliwack Canyon is the more adventurous trip, with rapids named Gun Barrel, Double Whammy, Pinball and… eek!… Godzilla.  For the more adventurous “Canyon Crowd”, another fun activity is the Chilliwack River Rafting expert-guided kayak tours.  No prior kayaking experience is necessary, though one must be able to swim. These tours take 4.5 – 5 hours to complete, and are 12 – 14KM of paddling.  All equipment, wet or dry suits, lunch and river snacks are provided on each trip.

Many school tours, scouts/girl guides groups take part in rafting trips throughout the year, as do pre-wedding parties (now that’s a fun idea for a stag/stagette).  Corporate retreats are most welcome at Chilliwack River Rafting.  Companies bring their staff back here time and again for rafting, BBQ, overnight camping, campfire fun and a tasty breakfast.
Whether you’ve been a dozen times before, or you’re a rafting newby, we think you should check out this fun activity in the Fraser Valley! Support FraserValleyPulse.com in the 24 hour Blogathon on July 25, and you could be heading up to join Russ and the crew for FREE this summer!  Chilliwack River Rafting has kindly donated a free rafting trip as an incentive for folks to help us support LAPS!
Russ, thanks so much for the tour.  We look forward to braving the rapids with you next month!  See you then :)
Chilliwack River Rafting
49704 Chilliwack Lake Road, Chilliwack
Ring: 1.800.410.7238

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