Pulse Spotlight, August 31/09 – 3 Peaks

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

We are slowly coming to terms with the fact that summer is winding down, and our diet of endless mojitos & BBQ fare is going to have to stop as well :(  One can only use ice cream as an excuse to cool down until mid-September. It can be quite shocking, after a summer of indulgence, to bring that Fall wardrobe out of the closet, only to find it’s become a bit snug from all the summer fun!  We’re in need of a swift kick in the behind at the moment, so we’ve called upon Paul Turner and his team at 3 Peaks Kinesiology to get us back in shape.


Our team had the pleasure of working with Paul a couple of years ago, and we were highly impressed with the results.  3 Peaks works with professional athletes, people with injuries, and everyday folks as well!  Paul graduated from U.B.C. in 2000, and started 3 Peaks Kinesiology in 2005.  He is a practicing Kinesiologist, the ex-president of the BC Association of Kinesiologists, and served on the BCAK board for seven years.  

3 Peaks offers a great range of services to its clients.  Sports training, strength and conditioning, active rehabilitation, equestrian conditioning and fascial stretch therapy.  Paul & one of his team members, Travis, are Certified Fascial Stretch Therapists.  They are 2 out of 10 in North America with this certification from The Stretch to Win Centre in Arizona. This modified PNF stretching method is awesome – we tried it out and left feeling very balanced.

Also available at 3 Peaks are kettlebell classes.  Kettlebells are a fantastic tool to work with to build core strength, stability and flexibility.  If you’re up for a challenge, give one of these classes a try! 


On September 1st, 3 Peaks will be moving into a new 2000 square foot space at Sportsplex in Langley.  Plans are underway to bring in a Registered Massage Therapist, sports nutritionist, adaptive pilates instructor (for equestrian riders, golfers, rehab clients), yoga for rehabilitation, and other professional services.  Congratulations on your new space and continued growth, 3 Peaks!

Have you enjoyed a few too many s’mores around the campfire this summer?  Need a little kick start for Fall? Please leave a comment on this post, or email KICK to win@fraservalleypulse.com to be entered to win FIVE FREE SESSIONS AT 3 PEAKS KINESIOLOGY! This package is over $300 in value, and can be used for strength/conditioning or stretch therapy.  Draw will take place September 15th at noon. Good luck!


Three Peaks Kinesiology
202 – 20165 91A Street, Langley
Ring: 778.298.3PKS

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