Pulse Spotlight, April 27/09 – Dancing for Dessert Studio

Monday, April 27th, 2009

We have always been intrigued by the name of this business.  Dancing – fun,  and dessert – yes please!  Since a couple of our subscribers have recently raved about Dancing for Dessert Studio, we knew it was time to check it out. 

Magda and Andrew have been dancing together for 14 years, and have earned impressive placements and awards in several international competitions.  The dynamic duo has trained in England together, were featured on the Norweigan Dream cruise ship, and they were the inaugural dance team on the Queen Mary II!  Upon their return to BC, Andrew started www.dancingfordessert.com an online dance instruction website.  In 2005, Magda & Andrew founded Dancing for Dessert Studio.

Dancing for Dessert teaches ballroom and latin dance to adults in the Fraser Valley.  The next intro classes start April 30th (7:30pm) & May 2nd (11:00am).  These beginner level classes are geared toward people who have zero to little dance experience.  When asked for some encouraging words to dance newbies, Magda suggested nobody ever regrets learning to dance… and we absolutely agree!  The first classes begin with simple walking – if you can walk, you can learn to dance at Dancing for Dessert.   If you can’t convince your significant other to give it a whirl, don’t let that discourage you.  Many of the participants at Dancing for Dessert come solo, and during class everyone switches partners.  Private lessons and couple’s wedding dance instruction are also available.

In late summer 2009 Dancing for Dessert will open the doors to their own studio in North Langley.   Congratulations Magda & Andrew!  Visit www.dancingfordessert.ca to learn more about the dance program, class schedules, dance class etiquette, what to expect/wear, new studio updates and more. 

Hope to see some of you on the dance floor!

Dancing For Dessert Studio

Phone: 604.957.9192

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