Little Beetle Bistro – Pulse Spotlight – 08.08.11

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

You know when you travel down a road you haven’t been in a while, sometimes something catches your eye and you think  “when did that get there?!” That’s exactly what happened to us when we noticed the newly opened Little Beetle Bistro in Chilliwack! We were so delighted to see that what used to be an old farmhouse has now been converted into a bustling destination for breakfast, lunch, dessert or even a coffee break!

Little Beetle Bistro may be easy to miss because of the location. It is tucked away near the corner of Unsworth & South Sumas, though you certainly can’t miss it if you are already in the neighborhood. Why? We’ll give you a hint… it’s colourful!

Little Beetle Bistro

Owners Justin and Jienny Do had been considering opening a family business for a few years before they finally agreed on what exactly it should be. Deciding to bring together Justin’s love for brewing great coffee and Jienny’s passion for home accessories and decorating, the idea of Little Beetle Bistro was born.

When the couple purchased the building in 2010, they didn’t waste any time making it their own. First up? A complete interior renovation and a fresh coat of bright blue paint! Justin and Jienny knew they would need something to make their new bistro stand out from the other farmhouses in the area – and it does!

Little Beetle Bistro

Little Beetle Bistro Interior

Since the building was more than 100 years old, a lot of remodeling and refinishing was needed to make their design a reality. Almost everything you will see inside the building has been redone – out with the old walls and floorboards and in with a beautiful light and airy design!

Larger sized tables make the Little Beetle a great meeting place for business meetings or larger gatherings (in fact, the red hat ladies were lunching while we were there!). Visiting by yourself?  Little Beetle Bistro is a great place to grab a solo cuppa! Check out the magazine rack in the center of the bistro for recent papers, magazines and a selection of books to peruse during your visit.

From their chalkboard menu featuring a wide array of panini’s, soups, pastries and fruit plates, to their modern décor, Little Beetle Bistro is a great place to stop any time of day. All of their sandwiches are made fresh for you and they even have panini’s suitable for all times of the day (including breakfast!).

Little Beetle Bistro

Just looking to grab a quick beverage? Specialty drinks are, well, their specialty! Having spent much of his past working with coffee and coffee beans, Justin truly enjoys making great coffee for Little Beetle visitors. Tea drinkers will also appreciate the great selection of Tazo and Two Leaves & A Bud tea.

In an effort to celebrate the history of the building, the Do family decided to designate a whole wall area to historical memorabilia. Although it is only home to two black and white pictures at the moment, they’re hoping to continue adding to the collection as they learn more about the history and the story behind their charming bistro!

Little Beetle Bistro

Little Beetle Bistro - Patio Seating

The next time you are in the Chilliwack area, try taking the back way back to the highway and stop into Little Beetle for a leisurely lunch. If it’s a sunny day, take your goodies outside on their oversized patio. With plenty of covered, uncovered and unique seating areas, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a fresh sandwich. Maybe you’ll catch a tan, too!

Little Beetle Bistro
44489 South Sumas Rd, Chilliwack
Ring: 604.846.5528

Contributor: Shannon Clattenburg

Shannon Clattenburg is a creative spirit first and a freelance writer second. She is a features writer for Fraser Valley Pulse and has a love for uncovering hidden gems throughout the Fraser Valley . She lives in Chilliwack with her boyfriend and her doggy Rolo. Twitter: @OrdinaryShan

6 Responses to “Little Beetle Bistro – Pulse Spotlight – 08.08.11”

  1. Kelly says:

    What an adorable place to go and find…..

  2. Amy Gagnon says:

    Very cute place!! Too bad it’s so far away from me. I’ll have to check it out when I’m in the area.

  3. Tawnya says:

    Great place, nice & close to me :-) Tasty baking, wonderful owners! And I love that they chose to revive the old building, I’ve always thought it had so much potential & it’s great to see the result of their hard work! Great job!

  4. Chris says:

    I’m on my way!

  5. Katie says:

    That’s what happened to me last week! A girlfriend and I were planning to go for lunch and wanted to sit on a patio. Initially we had chose another place, but then on Friday morning I was driving down South Sumas and spotted Little Beetle Bistro … I actually did a double take! I loved that it was stuck in the middle of farms, and that the bistro was an old farmhouse, and their patio was huge. Will definitely be going back!

  6. evelyn says:

    very nice cafe! I think best cafe in Chilliwack! I really liked patio, interior of the cafe and food, also!

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