Kick Ass Cakes – Pulse Spotlight – 06.20.11

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

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With a punchy name like Kick Ass Cakes, one would expect to find cakes that are dynamic, thrilling and unique. Tasha Nagy, the Owner and cake decorating genius behind the company, does not disappoint.

While her creativity and passion for baking has just recently turned into a full-on business venture, Tasha has always enjoyed baking and making. Yes, it’s true. She was one of those girls with an Easy Bake Oven, making bite sized treats via light bulb for herself and her friends as a young girl.

Photo credit: Jennifer Kirk Photography

Over four years ago, Tasha took her first cake decorating class and immediately felt as though a fire was ignited inside of her. She wanted to learn more detailed techniques, but soon realized that the training she needed was not being offered through local courses. She began to enroll herself in classes, both online and in the States, even taking a “cake cruise” that would allow her to learn from multiple chefs and field experts from the Food Network.

With lots of training over the years and practice under her belt (or should we say apron?), Tasha has grown Kick Ass Cakes into an amazing novelty cake company, making customized, designer cakes shaped as everything from kayaks to purses, toolboxes, animals, sports items and more. Each cake is made from scratch and can take multiple hours to decorate, varying in detail and difficulty, based on the customer’s request. Plain and simple, Tasha creates edible works of art.

Though she lives in Abbotsford, Tasha shares a commercial kitchen in Chilliwack with Cakes on Demand, another local company that has focused primarily on cakes for weddings. In October of 2011, Tasha will assume this company and make it her own, carrying on the great reputation and customer base that has been established by the current Owner.

In addition to novelty cakes, Tasha creates cupcakes, French macarons and cheesecakes in several sizes. All of these items are prepared using quality ingredients (such as Bernard Callebaut chocolate) and can be customized to your liking. Though the pricing of the cakes may be higher than your average bakery or grocery store, you can be guaranteed to have an original and memorable cake.

The process of designing and creating each cake is not something which can be left to the last minute. We would strongly advise an early phone call to Kick Ass Cakes if you have an upcoming celebration or social function for which you require a cake.

Tasha would love to bake up a dozen tasty cupcakes for one of our lovely readers. Please leave a note below to be entered to win. Winner will be announced on June 30, 2011.

Kick Ass Cakes
Ring: 604.897.1522

Contributor: Chrissy Lambert

Chrissy Lambert is a freelance Makeup Artist and owner of Makeup Infusion. She is a proud Auntie of two adorable nieces and loves a night out “on the town” as much as a quiet night at home.

44 Responses to “Kick Ass Cakes – Pulse Spotlight – 06.20.11”

  1. Tasha Nagy says:

    Chrissy, you have done such a beautiful job with the article. Thank you so very much for coming to see me and the shop!

  2. Kim says:

    Kick Ass Cakes rule! Nobody does it better. Congratulations, Tasha!

  3. Maria Ahl says:

    Tasha does an awesome job with each and every cake she designs, I’m proud to be her mother, whether there are cakes involved or not, great job with each cake she builds

  4. Deb Caswell says:

    My NASCAR cake was better than I could have imagined….it was a surprise for my birthday and I couldn’t stop looking at it at my party…thanks Tasha, amazing work

  5. Sarah says:

    Tasha you do amazing work! And your cakes not only look incredible they are absolutely delicious too!!!

  6. Charlotte says:

    Wow! Those are amazing. She’s a true artist.

  7. Joan B says:

    WOW…very impressive, artistic work…..just like you see on the tv shows

  8. KC says:

    Amazing cakes and all in four years, wow!

  9. Katy says:

    Awesome cakes! I’m trying to think up an event just so I can get one!

  10. Tracy Penner says:

    Talk about the W0W factor! great website…we will be referring you to our clients and lookng forward to seeing one of your cakes at the Ramada very soon!

  11. Tia says:

    I have not yet had the opportunity to taste your cakes…this is the first time I have heard of you. Thank you Fraser Valley Pulse! Looking forward to trying something soon…your cakes look amazing!

  12. Jenn K says:

    Well, I’ve seen the Kick Ass Cakes, now I want to taste them!

  13. Those are insane cakes!! Wow…what talent!!

  14. Michelle says:

    WOW – these cakes are BEAUTIFUL, I’ll be sure to stop by the next time I’m in Chilliwack!!! Congrats

  15. Linda says:

    WOW!!! These are amazing works of art! (I must admit I glanced at the toolbox pic, didn’t realize it was a cake and thought to myself WTH would a toolbox have to do with cakes, haha:)

  16. Jeanette says:

    Your cakes look absolutely AMAZING!!! They look too nice to eat.

  17. Helen says:

    What can I say… WOW!… They are incredible… I’m glad I subscribe to the Pulse to know all the fantastic places around here!

  18. anneke says:

    what fun cakes! I want one, no make it two, no make if three…
    so creative!
    gotta see them for real!

  19. Janelle says:

    Those don’t look like cakes–they look so real! I bet they taste divine :).

  20. Krista says:

    With a bunch of milestone birthdays coming up for friends and family- these are absolutely picture perfect!!! I never cease to be amazed by the artistry and MAJOR skill it takes to create these wonderful treats to eat!

  21. Norma Gosling says:

    I am the queen of a local Red Hat Society Chapter – The Cardinal C’s and every year – I try to find something different to celebrate our Chapter Birthday. I think I’ve found it. These are ‘over the top’. Thanks Pulse for featuring Tasha and her cakes.

  22. Dilara says:

    These cakes are amazing!

  23. Rachael V says:

    They look almost too beautiful to eat!!!!

  24. Carole says:

    I love these cakes and will definately be ordering one for our next family event!

  25. Erin says:

    Holy talent!

  26. Koreen says:

    Sounds like your passion is your success – looks amazing…hopefully I’ll get to see how they taste one day (if I can fend off hubby and the kids from devouring)!

  27. Erin says:

    Thank you for this perfect article and just in time for my dad’s birthday. What a great idea. Checking out the website next. yummm. =)

  28. Hedy Pemble says:

    Tasha I will be calling you for a consult on a white chocolate covered cheescake for my daughters wedding in nov.

  29. christine ashby says:

    These cakes are a work of art, who could ever bring themselves to eat them let alone stick a candle in one.

  30. Alexis says:

    these look amazing and so good. she is very talented. so nice to have that talent so local :)

  31. lynda says:

    i am anxious to stop by the bakery next time i am in the area – the cakes look fabulous!

  32. Kelly says:

    Your cakes look AMAZING and definitely worth a visit when possible!!!!!

  33. Tasha Nagy says:

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments and feedback! They all made me smile!

  34. Laura says:

    Wow just like “Cake Boss” Cool I know where I’m getting my next cake!!!

  35. Judy says:

    Amazing cakes. My daughter has a purse fetish. Not only will your cake brighten a January birthday but I know she will love the design.

  36. Tina says:

    So excited to see your new website! You do such beautiful work. :)

  37. Chrystalyn says:

    Your cakes are amazing!! Some cupcakes would be very yummy!

  38. Anna says:

    I would have tough time trying to decide whether to keep the cake as a work of art – which it is or eat it! Eating will win out but by a very small margin!

    Great article – Great cakes!

  39. Maureen Hines says:

    These cakes are fabulous! It is nice to see the talent here in our area.

  40. Yvette S says:

    I have never seen anything like this for cakes – amazing! Very talented!

  41. Della Jansen says:

    Never thought of cupcake cake! Will have to next birthday bash. Fabulous!!

  42. Paula Thiessen says:

    Hi There,

    I found out about you through The Pink Spatula – I’m hosting a baby shower this week and was wondering if you’re available to make me a cake? Also curious about the price for a small cake?

  43. admin says:

    Hi Paula,

    We would recommend you contact Tasha directly, as she may not check this post in time.

  44. Tasha Nagy says:

    Hello everyone and thank you for your kind comments! I would love to meet each and every one of you! Please call me to book an appointment, as we are often busy with our hands covered in chocolate:)
    Paula Thiessen: Please call me or email me, for info on your event. I would love to help you.

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