Howdy, Partner! Krause Berry Farms Launches Estate Winery

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Within Langley (and throughout the Fraser Valley), Krause Berry Farms is known as the destination for all things berry. From berry pies and teas to berry ice cream and perogies (!!!), you name it and they probably make it. Since I love berries (and wine), I was thrilled to receive an invitation to help Krause Berry Farms celebrate the grand opening of their estate winery!

Krause Berry Farm

I’m actually a little ashamed to admit that I’ve never been to Krause Berry Farms prior to this event. Although we featured the farm as one of the top Fraser Valley ice cream destinations, I personally never seemed to be in the area during their peak berry season! Now that I’ve been there, I can honestly say this is one destination I wish I had visited sooner – and I’ve been telling everyone I know about it! I may even be making a number of trips into Langley specifically for yummy fresh berry goodies this summer.


The estate winery, which is located right next to the berry farm market, is an eclectic mix of all things old western. From the (real) saddle bar stools, to the (also real) guns that act as door handles, this little saloon will leave you feeling like you just walked into the wild, wild west. The tasting saloon officially opened May 26th 2013, and is currently serving up great vinos made of apples, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries!


Although the apple (unoaked) and blackberry dessert wines were some of my favourites, I have to admit that the raspberry “wine-gerita” stole the show. It tasted exactly how I expected it to (a great mixture of a margarita and raspberry wine) and I’m really not sure why nobody has thought of this before!


During my day on the farm, I was able to taste a handful of their wines in the saloon (seated side saddle, of course), try some delicious treats from Cookies Kitchen, shop their super cute boutique and take a tour of the fields, lead by Alf Krause himself! Although I was there on a special event day, the great news is that all of these features are available to the public every weekend!

One of the coolest things I was able to experience while at Krause Berry Farms, was the chance to ride in my very first helicopter! The team at Sky Helicopters were so amazing, and took us up for an incredible tour to view the winery and surrounding berry fields from 1000 feet up! We enjoyed our experience so much,  and were so happy to learn that they will also be on site every weekend during the summer!



Once we were back on the ground, we were presented with an amazing spread of homemade pie, doughnuts and nachos with fresh salsa and guacamole. Like I mentioned above, Krause is a certainly a destination for all things berry related. What I might not have mentioned is that they make (and serve) a lot of these goodies right on site. With the new addition of the winery and Cookies kitchen, they are now able to serve an even wide selection of farm fresh treats to visitors who are hoping to stay for a longer period of time.

Cookies Kitchen

I had a blast learning all about fruit wines, and what sets them apart from the wine that I’m already used to drinking. Plus, I especially loved tasting the wines out of miniature cowboy boot glasses! It was so neat to learn that all of their wine is made from fruit grown right there on site, or sourced locally if it’s something they don’t grow (like apples).


The Krause Berry Farm Winery is a great destination to kick back and enjoy the great things in life, along with a few great friends. Visitors have the opportunity to learn a ton about local wine (like their dessert wine is actually fermented twice for a higher alcohol content and smoother taste) in a relaxed and super fun atmosphere. Plus, if you’re able to get a seat near the wine-pourer-extraordinare, Ted, you’re guaranteed to be laughing all the way to the west!


Krause Berry Farms is currently open Wednesday – Sundays, however this will change in mid-June as berry season kicks off! Be sure to visit their website at for up to date hours, market and winery information!

Contributor: Kristi Ferguson

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