May 2010: Swan Charities

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Now that Spring is in full fling, many of you are either riding motorcycles, or wishing you were riding motorcycles.  Whichever category you find yourself in, you can get the season started right by supporting a group of Fraser Valley motorcycle enthusiasts who raise money for burn victims.  Swan Charities started in 2007 with 4 young and energetic founders: Lee, Dallas, Lori and Stephen.  Inspired by the Flying Swan Hot Chicks and the motorcycle community that has given them all so much support and camaraderie, the four decided to start giving back in the form of fundraising for burn victims.  Other groups do charity rides to raise money, but these four wanted to make something more lasting; a motorcycle calendar with pictures of mostly ladies on bikes.  The pictures are tasteful and have proven to be a big hit within the motorcycle community.  The models are all licensed motorcycle riders and the buyers were 70% female the first year out. Swan Charities continues to grow, with a goal this year of $20,000 to help send kids to burn camp.

On Thursday, May 13th, Swan Charities is hosting a 2010/2011 calendar release party in Vancouver.  Check out the details here.

Swan Charities began as an altruistic endeavour between 4 friends, but has quickly become a unifying project for the entire motorcycle community of the Fraser Valley and our friendly neighbours in the greater Vancouver area.  The calendar is an encouragement for women motorcycle enthusiasts, a call to hope for burn victims and a great reinforcement for community for all riders, everywhere.  Swan Charities brings together a passion for riding and for giving back; and everyone can get excited about that.

Who: Swan Charities

What: A small group of local ladies who create a yearly charity calendar.

Where: Buy the calendar online, buy the motorcycle gear at Barnes Harley Davidson in Langley

Why: Because you love the motorcycle lifestyle, the community and giving back.

How you can get involved: Buy the calendar!

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