Bike to Work Week Fraser Valley 2012

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Bike to Work Week is back! If biking to work is an option for you, if you’ve ever considered it – now is the time to fasten those helmets and give it a go!

Every year the ‘Bike to Work Week’ movement gains massive momentum. This year, over 20 communities within BC have jumped on board and the Fraser Valley is a significant participant. From May 28 – June 3, everyone is encouraged to ride to work.

Admittedly, some teams are avid cycling enthusiasts, but most are not. There is this overriding belief that biking to work is inconvenient and Bike to Work Week aims to break down these perceived barriers by introducing cycling as a viable and enjoyable commuting option. Several companies encourage their employees to ride to work by installing bike-racks and some even have in-house showers. Employers know that fit workers are more productive and are less likely to suffer from depression and injury; therefore, many are eager to promote the event within their workplace.

“There’s not many better ways to wake up in the morning before work, and unwind after work, than cycling and enjoying the fresh air and outdoors,” says Terri-Lynn Gifford, Program Coordinator of Bike to Work Fraser Valley and Bike to Work BC Society. “Cycling is fun, encourages physical activity and is an environmentally-friendly way to commute.” She urges cyclists to be safe and ride respectfully- “cyclists have to abide by the same rules of the road as cars, make sure you obey stop signs and other traffic control devices. Make eye contact with, and send a friendly wave to, vehicle drivers to ensure they see you and you see them.”

In 2011, Fraser Valley participants saved approximately 4,551 kg in greenhouse gases from entering the Earth’s atmosphere, which is an astounding increase of 108% from 2010! 460 people participated and over one third of them were first-time commuter cyclists. This growing participation has attracted attention from all over the Fraser Valley.

To help motivate participants to saddle up and take part, Life Cycles Bike Shop has donated a Commuter Prize Package worth over $1,000 and Cap- it Abbotsford is donating a vehicle bike-rack estimated at over $500. Cyclists only need to bike for ONE day, during Bike to Work Week, and report the number of kilometres biked in order to qualify for the prize draw.

To launch Bike to Work Week, Celebration Barbecues will be held in Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Hope.

To qualify for the prize draw, participants need to register at For regular updates, participants can follow Bike to Work Week on Twitter @Bike2WorkFV and on Facebook at

Bike to Work Week Fraser Valley

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