Bard on the Beach 2012: Merry Wives of Windsor

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

More Vancouver theatre this summer! It is definitely worth the drive into the city!


What do a bar in Ontario, curling brooms and lava lamps have to do with Shakespeare? Not much, unless you’re watching The Merry Wives of Windsor during the 23rd season of Bard on the Beach.

Mistress Ford (Amber Lewis)
Mistress Page (Katey Wright)
Photo: David Blue

 Set in Windsor, Ontario, in 1968, The Merry Wives of Windsor tells the tale of Sir John Falstaff, who decides he will court two women who are already married. The women, learning of his plan, plot against him. Of course there are shenanigans—such as when one of the women’s husbands thinks his wife is having an affair—and there’s a secondary plot involving in which one couple determines whom their daughter should marry. The actors brought not only the story but also the feel of 1968 Canada to life, with enthusiastic performances that thoroughly entertained the audience.

The fun of the play is in the setting; most of the events take place in the Garter Inn and its pub. Further updating the feel of the play is the music, including rousing renditions of “These Boots Were Made for Walking,” “Ramblin Man,” and “Stand By Your Man.” The costumes included cowboy boots, plaid shirts and bright floral prints. Curling brooms and sweaters, Hudson’s Bay Company blankets and a lava lamp made for nice added touches to the set.

The Merry Wives of Windsor shows on the Studio Stage. Regular evening tickets are $40, with youth (ages 6-25) tickets priced at $30. Matinee tickets are between $21 and $33. See the schedule and purchase your tickets online.

Contributor: Heidi Turner

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