Congratulations to our winner Rochelle! This contest is now closed.

On the 12th day of Christmas (in the Fraser Valley), The Echoes Harrison River Retreat gave to you…

An all-inclusive one night getaway to their gorgeous location on the Harrison River:

  • Local cheese plate on arrival
  • 3-course gourmet dinner each evening
  • Country style breakfast delivered to your cabin
  • Parking in Harrison Hot Springs
  • Jet boat transportation to and from the Echoes
  • Private log cabin with 3 pice bathroom and fireplace
  • Solar powered cabins
  • Wood fired hot tub
  • 2 guests per cabin

The Echoes Harrison River Retreat has chosen the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation as their charity to support during the 12 Days of Christmas in the Fraser Valley. Our goal today is to help them raise at least $250 for this special organization.

How does it work?

1. To donate, FOLLOW THIS LINK and make a minimum $5 donation to today’s chosen charity. Donors may request an official receipt from during your transaction.

2. Readers are invited to leave a comment below to be entered to win today’s gift. At noon tomorrow we will announce the winner.

3. Important: this gift will only be available for 24 hours. Tomorrow at noon the winner will be chosen from the entries below using Gifts have been beautifully wrapped by Essential Packaging Store. Gifts may not be returned or exchanged and are not redeemable for cash.

Thanks for playing the 12 Days of Christmas in the Fraser Valley! New contest announcement tomorrow morning!

32 Responses to “Day 12 – 12 Days of Christmas in the Fraser Valley”

  1. SueH says:

    Makes me yearn for my days living in the bush in the Yukon …. a lovely finale for this fundraiser. Thanks.

  2. Colleen W says:

    I didn’t know such accomidations existed. Sounds like an amazing vacation spot. Thanks.

  3. this would be a great getaway from the hussle and bussle of our busy lives!

  4. Jo W says:

    As always a wonderful choice of charity. I have to admit as much as I love giving I would really like to win thise prize. what a wonderful idea. Also, as with Colleen W – I had no idea it existed and will be looking into it anyhow. Happy Holidays everyone.

  5. Catherine Harding says:

    This is such a wonderful opportunity to donate to a charity and possibly win a wonderful getaway with your special someone. How awesome is that. Happy holidays!

  6. Twyla Mills says:

    I waited until the last day and this is a charity that is close to my heart. Merry Christmas!

  7. b. kohare says:

    Time for some R & R , glad to help out the kids

  8. Don Campbell says:

    Merry Christmas Susan and Clint and family! Great idea.

  9. Rachael V says:

    So close to home – would love to take my hubby there!

  10. Erin Evans says:

    What a wonderful prize – looks gorgeous!

  11. Joan B says:

    Always a worthy charity

  12. Trista A says:

    What a wonderful charity to wrap this event up with. And what an amazing prize! Like several others I didn’t know this accomodation existed.

  13. Danette G says:

    Friends of mine stayed here last summer…and said it was amazing, and that the hosts were wonderful, and the food was excellent! Hope to make it there myself sometime soon.

  14. Kelly says:

    The Charity closest to my heart for so many reasons. To many visits over the years – what would we do without this wonderful Hospital!!
    The Echoes looks like a great place to check out and so close to home as well….
    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  15. Michelle says:

    Always a wonderful cause!

  16. Kelly H says:

    I follow you guys on facebook and I am always amazed on how much you participate on local community events and making people aware of such things. You guys do wonderful things and this just adds to it. Children’s Hopsital is a wonderful charity, and I think almost everbody can relate to that hospital from thier own personal experiences, family experiences, friends experiences, or friend of a friend. The hopsital is so great to all children and thier families in the most difficult of times. Thank you for chosing this charity:)

  17. CarlyG says:

    A wonderful prize and wonderful charity!

  18. Michelle G. says:

    I’ve been wanting to check this place out for awhile!

  19. Deborah Sproule says:

    As others have stated, I have never heard of this getaway location. It sounds truly wonderful!!! Thankyou for what you have done in bringing us these “12 days of Christmas” gifts and the charities you have helped. I would love to win this, I must say!!!!!

  20. Erin T says:

    What a fantastic prize!

  21. Rochelle says:

    Happy to donate to such a wonderful cause. Thank you to the Echoes for this great prize donation.

  22. Merry Christmas and Best of the Season to our new followers and our old friends.

    Thank you for supporting this wonderful event and all the kind words for the Echoes. Yes!! BC’S Children’s Hospital is a wonderful charity to support and the Echoes is always so proud to raise money and awarness.

    Christmas really is a time of giving!

  23. Becky L says:

    Perfect finale to a terrific fundraiser!

  24. Marion McCristall says:

    This is a charity that needs our help. You have chosen a very worthy cause and I’m happy to support it.

  25. Nadia says:

    A great charity to end the 12 Days of Christmas! I spent several weeks there as a child, and can personally attest to the good work they do! Merry Christmas!

  26. Kelly V says:

    This is a fantastic idea and a great way to market a great cause and local businesses. Best of luck. I see the goal has been reached but hey lets try to double it.

  27. Debbie Y says:

    A very worthy charity to support.

  28. Shelley S. says:

    Happy to donate. It’s a win, win for everyone!

  29. Tina says:

    Our daughters are alive because of the great care they had at BC Children’s when they were born premature. Always happy to give back.

  30. Heather says:

    Wow! Sure would love to win this one! Looks like an amazing place. And we are always happy to donate to BC Children’s. In fact, we have done so every month for the past 9 years :)

  31. Cheryl Tall says:

    I work with RBC and as a company we give all spring to Children’s hospital. A great charity and one I support whole heartedly!

  32. Gillian Goudsward says:

    Very good work you guys, and this looks like a very inviting, relaxing prize…… Like everyone else, I could use the relaxation!

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