September Charity Spotlight: Hope International

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

There are two reasons you should support Hope International.  The first is very basic, but very forgotten in our present culture: most of the rest of the world is poor.  We are rich.  In my view, this predicament infers a responsibility on our part.  I hear a lot of people talking about how lucky we are, how we need to be grateful because we have so much.  What about how we have a responsibility to share with those less fortunate?  As I see it, being more fortunate gives us the opportunity to give, not the right to hoard.

The second reason is that Hope International has a very low percentage going to administrative costs.  Looking into more and more charities, I see this as a big problem.  No one at Hope International is getting rich, and that’s the way it should be.  The organization was conceptualized in 1975 by the current executive director David Mackenzie and a close group of friends.  Finding it impossible to go on ignoring the needs of the poor in other countries, the group formed to send money overseas.  Today Hope International works in Ethiopia, Pakistan, Myanmar, China, Cambodia, among many more countries.  They are involved in feeding programs, agriculture, women’s rights and education, as well as clean water programs.

Five Minutes, Ten Bucks, Help us Leverage Yahoo Matching Grant To Send Poor Cambodian Youngsters To School
Attribution License by cambodia4kidsorg

Twice a year, Hope International holds fundraising dinners to raise money for specific projects.  This year, they’re raising money for the poor in Ethiopia.  You’re invited to attend in Abbotsford on Wednesday October 20th to watch a film about the cause and have dinner.  Dinner is free, but be ready to donate to this worthy cause.  Click here to reserve tickets.

Who: Hope International

What: An international organization that gives hope to the poor through programs to feed, clothe, educate and house them.

Where: Ethiopia, Pakistan, Cambodia, Swaziland, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, China, Sri Lanka, and many more.

Why: It started as a small project for a group of friends to respond to poverty in the third world, and developed into the organization it is today.

How You Can Get Involved: Attend  the annual Abbotsford dinner where you can learn more about the organization and donate money.  The dinner is free, and a great opportunity to learn more about what’s going on in the world and how you can help.  If you’d like to volunteer at the dinner or finding local business sponsorship, contact Hope International via their website.

Contributor: Brianna Carson

Brianna is a nomad freelance writer from White Rock, currently residing in Edmonton with her boyfriend. She spends most her time writing and working in interior designs. Brianna visits the Fraser Valley as often as she can as it's her favourite place on earth.

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