Salvaging and Repurposing Furniture Tips

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Salvaging or repurposing furniture is a environmentally friendly way to find cost effective and unique furniture pieces for your home. We asked Carrie Thachuck, the owner of The Passionate Home for some tips on getting started. The Passionate Home is located in Langley and sells repurposed furniture and art.

What are some of the reasons people spend the time and effort to fix up things instead of buying them new?

Personally, I would choose to reclaim and restyle a piece of furniture over purchasing something new because I love the thrill of the hunt and love to make it my own.  It brings me such joy to create something unique that is just perfect for my space and it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

There are many reasons people would choose to spend their time and effort; they could already own a buffet for example, that once belonged to their Grandparents and they would hate to get rid of it but the colour is dark and boring and does not go with their décor.  A bit of TLC and a few coats of paint and you have a perfect piece to complement their space and to fit below their flat screen!

Older pieces tend to be better built, it saves money to shop second hand, and it is also a “green” option, by keeping furniture out of the landfill.  Reclaiming furniture gives you something unique, saves you money and is environmentally friendly.

Where are the best places to find items to repurpose or salvage?

The best place to find items to repurpose or salvage is in your own home!  The home of a friend or family member, thrift stores, flea markets, auctions, antique stores, consignment stores, second hand furniture stores, even the side of the road!  You could even try The Passionate Home!

Where are some of the places you draw inspiration from?

I find inspiration everywhere I go, but if I were stuck for an idea, I would turn towards home décor magazines, books and blogs.  I also love to browse around other beautiful home décor shops.

What are some of the essential tools you need for repurposing furniture?

The tools you need for repurposing a piece of furniture really depends of the piece you are working on.  Some basic tools however would include a palm sander, a screw driver, and a paint brush.  The most important tool I think would be your imagination!

What do you suggest for a beginners project?

A good beginner project would be small and in good solid shape.  A small project does not take up too much room, does not take too many tools and you will see your results quicker than if you were to tackle a larger project.

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Contributor: Kelly Neufeld

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    There really is now wrong place to find items you can salvage. As long as you realize, the best pieces to salvage are often the free ones!

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