Ridge Meadows Search & Rescue – August 2011

Monday, August 1st, 2011

You head out on a leisurely summer hike. You, like everyone else, plan to be home by dusk after a great day on the trails. But suddenly something goes wrong – the trail doesn’t look the same anymore and you are a bit unsure which way you came from.

Imagine this scary scenario. Being lost in the wilderness is a terrifying occurrence for anyone and it happens to everyday folk more often than you think. Even if you do have a phone to communicate, you may very well not know where you are to ask someone to help you out.

Thank goodness for teams such as Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue. This is just one type of call their organization would respond to. They respond to calls from law enforcement to help rescue individuals in both the wilderness and in urban rescue scenarios. They assist with lost hikers, missing persons and many other situations where someone needs to be found and rescued.

This team of professionals is made up of approximately 30 volunteers. They recruit every two years, sometimes sooner, so stay tuned to their home page if this is an organization you would like to be involved with. The requirements for their volunteer positions can be found here.

There are several search and rescue groups throughout the Fraser Valley, including Surrey Search and Rescue, Central Fraser Valley Search and Rescue, Chilliwack Search and Rescue. We are lucky to have such dedicated local volunteers in these organizations!

Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue
Ring: 604.463.4891 

Contributor: Kristi Ferguson

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