March 2010: Childcare Worldwide

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Every day over 5,760 more children become orphans.  Every single day.

I sat down with Dan Bue, Executive Director of Childcare Worldwide based in Surrey, to ask what differentiates his organization from other child relief agencies.  “We focus on children, but we also help them as they become adults to get trained for careers to support themselves.  We don’t just drop them when they turn 18, like some other organizations will.”  He went on to talk about the trade school they’ve built for former orphans, and how CW has managed to employ many kids formerly supported by donors to work making clothes for current orphans.  One man who was sponsored through Childcare Worldwide as a child went on to get his Bachelor of Commerce  in Uganda, then was hired as a field worker for the organization, doing the work for other children that supported him throughout his childhood.

Childcare Worldwide has dug wells, has special AIDS orphanages, and is currently building a Pregnancy Center for young mothers.  The organization is growing, and there’s no telling how many more orphans they can house and feed with your help.  With orphanages in Mexico, Haiti, Peru, Belarus, Uganda, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the Philippines, their reach is far to address the world’s orphan population.

Who: Childcare Worldwide

What: Caring for children whose parents have died or abandoned them through orphanages staffed by the country’s indigenous people, as well as career support for young adult orphans.

Where: #204 – 5460 – 152nd Street, Surrey, BC

Why: To make a difference in children’s lives on a global scale.

How you can get involved: Adopt an orphan in your chosen country or volunteer for mail-outs or to screen kid’s letters to sponsors.


Contributor: Brianna Carson

Brianna is a nomad freelance writer from White Rock, currently residing in Edmonton with her boyfriend. She spends most her time writing and working in interior designs. Brianna visits the Fraser Valley as often as she can as it's her favourite place on earth.

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  1. A says:

    can i ask, is this a religious based charity, or is it non-denominational?

  2. FVP Admin says:

    We believe it’s non-denominational, but you should of course check directly with the organization.

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