July 2010: Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Mahatma Ghandi once said that The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.  The Fraser Valley then, can rest assured that our moral progress is quite far along when a place like Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center exists. Elizabeth and her volunteers work tirelessly to save and rehabilitate small animals that many of us may not think twice about.  We can all be grateful that she has followed her calling and created a haven for these defenseless creatures in our community.

Elizabeth is a Registered Nurse with a love for animals and a heart for the hurt and abandoned.  She began saving birds and small mammals near her home in Abbotsford in 1986, going on to create her non-profit organization in 1999.  Today she operates in her backyard, out of a separate building where she has had aviaries and small housing facilities to serve as a home away from home to the rescued animals brought to her by concerned citizens.  The center currently receives upwards of 4,000 phone calls per year from regular people who’ve come across a small injured or orphaned animal.  Not only does Elizabeth take these animals in to feed and care for, she also advises the humans who find themselves in the role of rescuer to a bird, a possum or even sometimes a fawn.  Educating the public is a large part of what this organization is about, and Elizabeth is always eager to teach and help when someone finds his or herself in an unfamiliar situation with a small injured animal.

Update On Baby Bird
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Last year we had a wee bird outside Pulse HQ.  It was during a heat wave and its parents went out one day and never returned. We didn’t know what to do with this little bird who kept jumping from his birdhouse and trying to follow us inside.  We phoned Elizabeth, she gave us some advice, and the little wee bird found its wings and flew away.

If you ever come across a helpless animal in need of assistance, either from natural or unnatural causes, Elizabeth is the one to call.  If by chance, you can’t reach her, she has instructions on her answering machine about how to proceed with your patient.  Just knowing that this organization exists is a comfort to all of us animal lovers in the Fraser Valley.

Who: Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center

What: A safe place for injured animal rehabilitation as well as a phone number to call when you find an injured animal.  It’s the only center of it’s kind in the Abbotsford area.

Where: P.O. Box 15015, Sevenoaks  Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 8P1

Why: Because it’s important to care for injured and orphaned animals, even if they’re wild.  Nature sometimes needs a little help.

How you can get involved: Elizabeth relies completely on public donations, so a great way to help is to donate what you can to this great and worthy cause.  If you have extra time and love animals, you can also volunteer to clean cages and feed injured animals.  If you have pets, or even if you don’t, Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center has a list of pet supplies and household items on their website they will gladly accept.

Contributor: Brianna Carson

Brianna is a nomad freelance writer from White Rock, currently residing in Edmonton with her boyfriend. She spends most her time writing and working in interior designs. Brianna visits the Fraser Valley as often as she can as it's her favourite place on earth.

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